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Re: [Plex86-devel] X uses 95-98 cpu after plex86 started ...

From: brendan . bradley2
Subject: Re: [Plex86-devel] X uses 95-98 cpu after plex86 started ...
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 16:50:22 +0100

>I'm not a plex86 developer (although I am a developer), I've just been
>on this list for months in hopes of trying plex86 out when it gets a bit
>mature.  I did read your problem and can also suggest using vncserver to
>plex86.  The CPU overutilization might still make yuor machine crawl, but
>it is really messing X up, then here you would only mess up your VNC X

>server, leaving your main one alone.  I've used VNC to do "virtual X" for
>just this kind of situation many times.  It can be very helpful.
>Michael Schwarz

Excellent idea , will do .



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