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[Plex86-devel] Windows 98

From: Collette Yann
Subject: [Plex86-devel] Windows 98
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2002 19:34:51 +0200


I started again the "windows 98 Installation" on a 500 Mo hdd image with 
bochs-1.4.1. It fails at the same instant as the first time (Fatal Error 0D 
at 013F:0000A95F ...).

I used the latest version of plex86 to continue the installation.
It works but, just after the last reboot, plex86 core dumps.
I have succeed nevertheless to start windows in failsafe mode (but without the 
start menu).

On the bochs mailing list, somebody complained about bochs not taking into 
account correctly the memory option in the configuration file : bochs was 
allocating 32Mo max).
I think the same thing happens to plex86. When I started bochs, I started also 
top to look at the memory consumption. With Bochs and with 64 of memory set 
in the configuration file, the memory consumption was ~67 Mo.
With plex86, with the same memory setting, the memory consumption was ~34Mo.
So, I think there's a problem with memory setting and I also think that's the 
main problem that doesn't allow me to boot windows98 (I think I remember that 
W98 requires 64 Mo RAM for installation).

An other problem with plex86. When windows98 askes me for the Serial number, I 
was able to enter this number but just if the CAPS LOCK key was activated.

And finally, a question: do I have something to do to set up the cdrom ?
Under bochs I must set it up explicitly, but not under plex86.

Your sincerely, 


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