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[Plex86-devel] Release CVS now online!

From: Eric Laberge
Subject: [Plex86-devel] Release CVS now online!
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 18:11:37 -0400
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Following Jeroen's suggestion and having talked with Drew, I uploaded the 
three current release versions to Savannah's CVS.

Checkout "plex86-release" module, tags "v20010911", "v20020502" and 

Note that the current version hasn't been fully tested (cf.: my second last 
post), and there are some bugs. It compiles fine under gcc 3.1 (time to 
evolve, you know :-P ), but I have been reported gcc 2.95 doesn't like my 
unnammed union in iosniffer.c :-/

Also, I have updated the X interface to the updated VGA device, but not the 
curses one, so there is a missing parameter to two of its functions.

And finally, how the hell can I compile a BIOS ?!? Seriously, I can't figure 
it out on Linux! Please help, Christophe or Jeroen!

Have fun, and (to those with developper access), please don't hesitate to fix 
these and add your own touch to the CVS!

Eric Laberge
Jabber ID: address@hidden

GCS/M/S d-(++) s-: a-- C++(++++) UL+++>$ !P L++ E--- W++ N+ w++ !O M
!V PS PE Y PGP-(+++) t++(-) X- R* tv+ b+ DI+++  D+ G e+>+++++ h! r--

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