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[Plex86-devel] Uploaded new tarball

From: Eric Laberge
Subject: [Plex86-devel] Uploaded new tarball
Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 23:43:58 -0400


I uploaded a new version of Plex86 to Savannah
( ,"Files" section)

Only a few tests done, so I need your feedback!
I hope to have multithreaded X lib bug solved within some days (haven't 
looked yet). Meanwhile, be prepared for major instability or simply use the 
SDL plugin :-)

Have fun!


>From the change log:
  - "Eric Laberge" <address@hidden>: Mon Jul 15 22:38:00 EST 2002
    Sync to current Bochs CVS (2002/07/14). No noticeable speed improvement
      but many fix! Thanks Bochs people and thanks to you Christophe for
      making this update so easy :-)
     - IO devices
     - GUI

    Added IO sniffer plugin. This let you spy IO events.
     - To use, load the plugins/iosniffer/ plugin *before* those
       you want to spy, it overloads IO port registrations.

    Added the first version of a multithreaded IO bridge!
     - WARNING: GUI needs to be fixed due to poor Xlib multithread support.
                Sometime crashes with 'Xlib async' error, simply restart Plex.
     - NOTE: This plugin syncs on IO read events
     - No speed improvement on single processor machine (duh!), slower by less
       than a percent.
     - Can't test on multi processor machines, I don't have one...
     - My first multi-threaded app besides school, feedback and improvements
       are welcome :-)
     - To use, load the plugins/bridge/ plugin *before* those you
       want to run in the bridge thread.

Eric Laberge
Jabber ID: address@hidden

GCS/M/S d-(++) s-: a-- C++(++++) UL+++>$ !P L++ E--- W++ N+ w++ !O M
!V PS PE Y PGP-(+++) t++(-) X- R* tv+ b+ DI+++  D+ G e+>+++++ h! r--

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