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Re: [Plex86-devel] To any Win98 Testers

From: Eric Laberge
Subject: Re: [Plex86-devel] To any Win98 Testers
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 21:16:12 -0400

Unfortunately, Win98 is known to not work in Plex86, and Win95 can't be installed in it (though a Bochs image should work).

There seems to be something broken in recent (ie.: not incredibly old) builds which make Plex86 sit idle before some OS load.

I'm nearly done with summer classes, so I'll be able to finally do some work on the software. I know I always promise this, but it's hard to refuse money when I get a contract...

And I know I'll be repeating myself, but I won't let this project die.


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