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Re: [Plex86-devel] Plex startup problems.

From: tal benavidor
Subject: Re: [Plex86-devel] Plex startup problems.
Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 09:52:30 Gmt +2:00

same problem here.
problems with "bochs-init".
dropping "bochs-init" causes "Fatal monitor error caused
i'm using mandrake 8.1 (kernel 2.4.8).

>Hi all,
>I have been interrested in plex86 since its beginnings,
and have had it u>p and 
>running several times.  I just downloaded the 20020502
version and have h>ad 
>the following problems:
>In the bochs section of the configuration file, plex
doesn't seem to reco>gnize 
>plex86: error in config file 'winnt', line 31
>^ Expecting recognized directive
>Looking at the code, it appears that the only valid
directive from the bo>chs 
>plugin is "bochs-opt".  I have tried removing that line
(assuming the 
>initialization is being done automatically) and plex
at least starts but >with 
>the following problem:
>Processing command-line options
>Opening VM (/dev/plex86)
>Processing config file winnt...
>Allocating 32MB of physical memory in VM
>Mapping virtualized physical memory into monitor
>Zeroing virtualized physical memory
>Mapping monitor print buffer into user mem.
>ROM: loading image '/home/pellja/src/20020502/bios/BIOS-plex86-current'
>0xf0000 (65536 bytes)
>ROM: loading image '/home/pellja/src/20020502/bios/VGABIOS-elpin-2.40'
>0xc0000 (32768 bytes)
>Setting prescan depth to 3
>prescan on
>Processed 62 lines of config file 'winnt'
>Initializing plugins
>Running VM
>::init_monitor OK -----------------
>nexus_size = 0x24E
>::sysIOOut: No handler defined for port 0x70!.
>::sysIOIn: No handler defined for port 0x71.
>::sysIOOut: No handler defined for port 0x71!.
>::plex86 panic:
>::emulate:1 default case of 5
>Fatal monitor error caused Panic
>cs:s=0x0, dl=0xffff, dh=0x9b00, valid=1
>ss:s=0x0, dl=0xffff, dh=0x9300, valid=1
>ds:s=0x0, dl=0xffff, dh=0x9300, valid=1
>es:s=0x0, dl=0xffff, dh=0x9300, valid=1
>fs:s=0x0, dl=0xffff, dh=0x9300, valid=1
>gs:s=0x0, dl=0xffff, dh=0x9300, valid=1
>ldtr:s=0x0, dl=0x0, dh=0x0, valid=0
>tr:s=0x0, dl=0x0, dh=0x0, valid=0
>gdtr:base=0x0, limit=0x0
>idtr:base=0x0, limit=0x3ff
>Stack dump:
>Current instruction:
> 0000.000A0000  0000                     addb    %al,
>Shutting down plugins
>[GUI  ] <INFO>  Exit.
>Unmapping guest physical memory.
>Unmapping monitor print buffer.
>Tearing down VM
>Closing VM
>Any ideas?  I am running linux kernel 2.4.18.  I hope
this hasn't already> been 
>discussed in the list.  I haven't seen it.  I am trying
to familiarize my>self 
>with the plex code and would like to contribute from
time to time.  Great> 
>project, I hope it takes off again soon.
>James Pellow
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