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[platform-testers] new snapshot available: grep-3.10.7-e498

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: [platform-testers] new snapshot available: grep-3.10.7-e498
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2023 22:45:44 -0700

I'd like to make a grep-3.11 release soon, so any
testing you can do would be most welcome.

As before, this is bootstrapped with the very latest
of gnulib, autoconf and automake, so portability testing
helps ensure those are ready for their upcoming releases, too.      1.7 MB

Thank you all.

Here's the NEWS-to-be:

** Bug fixes

  With -P, patterns like [\d] now work again.  The fix relies on PCRE2
  support for the PCRE2_EXTRA_ASCII_BSD flag planned for PCRE2 10.43.
  With PCRE2 version 10.42 or earlier, behavior reverts to that of
  grep 3.8, in that patterns like \w and \b use ASCII rather than
  Unicode interpretations.

  grep no longer fails on files dated after the year 2038,
  when running on 32-bit x86 and ARM hosts using glibc 2.34+.
  [bug introduced in grep 3.9]

** Changes in behavior

  grep --version now prints a line describing the version of PCRE2 it uses.
  For example, it prints this when built with the very latest from git:
    Built with PCRE 10.43-DEV 2023-01-15
  or this with what's currently available in Fedora 37:
    Built with PCRE 10.40 2022-04-14

Changes in grep since v3.10:

Jim Meyering (5):
      maint: post-release administrivia
      tests: test for the year-2038 bug
      grep: --version: print pcre version info
      tests: add a known-failing glibc-infloop test
      build: update gnulib to latest

Paul Eggert (2):
      grep: fix -P [\d] by fixing \w only if PCRE2 10.43
      grep: re-fix Y2038 bug on glibc 2.34+ x86, ARM

Changes in gnulib since v3.10:

* gnulib f61570c0ef...217e359999 (131):
  > doc: Fix a typo.
  > doc: improve cross-refs for year 2038 issue
  > largefile: sync from Autoconf master
  > year2038: configure earlier
  > maint: no Autoconf 2.72
  > c32toupper: Add tests.
  > c32toupper: New module.
  > c32tolower: Add tests.
  > c32tolower: New module.
  > c32is*: Ensure GNULIB_defined_mbstate_t is defined on AIX.
  > mbrtoc32: Add comments.
  > doc: Mention a NetBSD bug.
  > vasnwprintf-posix: More details about the glibc bug.
  > doc: Mention another Haiku bug.
  > Avoid Autoconf "was expanded before it was required" warning.
  > striconveh tests: Avoid test failure on glibc 2.15.
  > vasnwprintf-posix: Really work around %La bug in glibc 2.15 and Haiku.
  > login_tty: Fix compilation error in C++ mode on Solaris 11.4.
  > time: Fix compilation error in C++ mode on Solaris 11.
  > unistdio/*: Fix test failures (regression 2023-01-28).
  > trim tests: Fix link error.
  > stdio: Fix the value of _PRINTF_NAN_LEN_MAX on OpenBSD.
  > vasnwprintf-posix: Work around %La bug in glibc 2.15 and Haiku.
  > stdio: Fix compilation error in C++ mode on macOS.
  > vasnwprintf-posix tests: Avoid test failure on mingw.
  > uchar: Force inline functions to C linkage in C++ mode.
  > alignalloc: Fix link error on glibc 2.15 systems.
  > doc: Add references to registered Haiku bugs.
  > string-desc-quotearg tests: Avoid a test failure on Haiku.
  > random_r: Fix compilation error on Haiku.
  > forkpty, openpty, login_tty: Fix link errors of the tests.
  > strerrorname_np: Fix compilation error on Haiku.
  > uchar: Fix recent change.
  > localename tests: Work around a Haiku bug.
  > localename: Add support for Haiku's per-thread locales.
  > uchar: Work around Haiku bug.
  > stdlib, btowc: Fix file lists.
  > duplocale: Fix compilation error on Haiku (regression 2023-01-22).
  > c32tob, c32is*, c32rtomb, mbrtoc32: Fix file lists.
  > stdlib: Work around MB_CUR_MAX bug on Solaris 10.
  > *c32*: Inline most functions on glibc and musl libc.
  > backupfile: fix bug when renaming from subdirectory
  > *c32*: Optimize on musl libc like on glibc.
  > uchar: Rename _GL_LARGE_CHAR32_T to _GL_SMALL_WCHAR_T.
  > c32rtomb: Fix an autoconf test.
  > Add extern-inline recipe to ChangeLog comment
  > tests: Set executable bit on more tests.
  > fix harmless ChangeLog typo
  > tests: set executable bit in test-trim[1-3].sh
  > Use the 'extern-inline' module explicitly where needed.
  > vasnprintf-posix: Fix harmless mistake (regression 2023-03-24).
  > mbstoc32s tests: Check behaviour in the C locale.
  > mbsnrtoc32s tests: Check behaviour in the C locale.
  > mbsrtoc32s tests: Check behaviour in the C locale.
  > btoc32 tests: Check behaviour in the C locale.
  > mbrtoc32 tests: Prefer *c32* functions.
  > mbrtoc32 tests: Add comment.
  > trim: Fix trim_trailing result in multibyte locales.
  > trim: Fix trim_trailing result in multibyte locales.
  > trim: Add tests.
  > unistr/u8-strstr: Simplify code.
  > unistr/u{16,32}-strstr: Use two-way algorithm (no memory allocation).
  > unistr/u*strstr tests: Add more tests.
  > vasnwprintf-posix: Fix behaviour in the C locale.
  > vasnprintf-posix: Fix crash in narrow %lc directive (regr. 2023-03-21).
  > stddef: Fix __need_wint_t handling in case of two stddef.h overrides.
  > vasnwprintf: Fix crash upon conversion failure when processing %s.
  > Avoid test failures on Android.
  > mbstowcs: Add tests.
  > mbstowcs: New module.
  > mbsnrtowcs: Fix behaviour in the C locale.
  > mbsrtowcs: Fix behaviour in the C locale.
  > mbrlen: Add tests.
  > btowc: Fix behaviour in the C locale.
  > mbrtowc tests: Add comment.
  > stdlib tests: Check behaviour of C locale.
  > string-desc tests: Fix "make distcheck" failure.
  > snprintf: Avoid autoconf warning regarding gl_PRINTF_POSITIONS.
  > doc: Document string-desc and related modules.
  > string-desc-quotearg: Add tests.
  > string-desc-quotearg: New module.
  > xstring-desc: Add tests.
  > xstring-desc: New module.
  > string-desc: Add tests.
  > string-desc: New module.
  > autoupdate
  > doc: Fix placement of memset_explicit node.
  > doc: Update regarding linear string search.
  > ialloc: Add comments.
  > Support FALLTHROUGH macro better in glibc+clang.
  > wcsstr: Ensure worst-case linear execution time.
  > Add test case from a past musl libc bug.
  > uchar: ISO C 23: Define char8_t.
  > stdlib: ISO C 23: Document issue with once_flag and call_once.
  > call_once: New module, separate from mtx.
  > stdio: ISO C 23: Define _PRINTF_NAN_LEN_MAX.
  > Make some header file tests a bit stronger.
  > is* tests: Ensure needed .m4 files are packaged.
  > *printf-posix: ISO C 23: Support size specifiers 'wN' and 'wfN'.
  > xprintf-gnu: New module.
  > xvasprintf-gnu: New module.
  > vasnwprintf-gnu: Add tests.
  > vasnwprintf-gnu: New module.
  > obstack-printf-gnu: Add tests.
  > obstack-printf-gnu: New module.
  > dprintf-gnu: Add tests.
  > dprintf-gnu: New module.
  > vdprintf-gnu: Add tests.
  > vdprintf-gnu: New module.
  > printf-gnu: Add tests.
  > printf-gnu: New module.
  > vprintf-gnu: Add tests.
  > vprintf-gnu: New module.
  > fprintf-gnu: Add tests.
  > fprintf-gnu: New module.
  > vfprintf-gnu: Add tests.
  > vfprintf-gnu: New module.
  > vasprintf-gnu: Add tests.
  > vasprintf-gnu: New module.
  > sprintf-gnu: Add tests.
  > sprintf-gnu: New module.
  > vsprintf-gnu: Add tests.
  > vsprintf-gnu: New module.
  > snprintf-gnu: Add tests.
  > snprintf-gnu: New module.
  > vsnprintf-gnu: Add tests.
  > vsnprintf-gnu: New module.
  > vasnprintf-gnu: Add tests.
  > vasnprintf-gnu: New module.
  > printf-posix tests: Fix compilation error (regression 2021-08-28).
  > gnu-web-doc-update: don't use host alias,

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