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[platform-testers] new snapshot available: coreutils-8.20.113-1f1f4

From: Pádraig Brady
Subject: [platform-testers] new snapshot available: coreutils-8.20.113-1f1f4
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2013 19:57:33 +0000
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We plan to release coreutils-8.21 next week, so any testing
you can do between now and Tuesday would be most welcome.

Here's the NEWS:

coreutils snapshot:      5.1 MB

Changes in coreutils since v8.20:

Assaf Gordon (6):
      maint: adjust HACKING instructions to run a single test
      doc: mention "git stash" in HACKING
      maint: update gitignore entries
      doc: tweak 'lcov' in HACKING
      numfmt: a new command to format numbers
      doc: fix a numfmt help section typo

Benno Schulenberg (5):
      doc: with cp -n, option -f is not redundant but ignored
      doc: chcon: add descriptions for three undocumented options
      doc: make a --help text fragment identical to three others
      uptime: gettextize an overlooked string, and normalize another
      maint: improve error messages upon failed read, write, access, close

Bernhard Voelker (23):
      tests: shorten factor's inordinately-long test file names
      tests: fix syntax error in setuidgid_has_perm_
      maint: fix factor's test file name pattern in .gitignore
      df: add --output to select which fields to display
      df: document the new --output option
      df: add a test for the --output option
      tests: fix factor's tests to use coreutil's own sha1sum
      cut: do not accept the invalid range 0-
      doc: remove already implemented items from TODO
      nl: remove deprecated --page-increment option
      df: reorder default field list of --output option
      doc: cp: clarify behavior of the --preserve=xattr option
      maint: remove now auto-added entry from
      tests: fix regex to match "-" in ipcent field in df/
      cp: fix --no-preserve=mode to not exit 1
      maint: fix typos found by misspellings
      tail,stat: improve support for the ceph file system
      tests: add tests for basename's --zero option
      maint: fix alphabetical order in .gitignore
      tests: remove test case du/slink
      maint: define usage note about mandatory args centrally
      doc: fix order of du options in usage and texinfo manual
      df: do not treat rootfs specially

Cojocaru Alexandru (2):
      cut: improve error reporting
      cut: avoid a redundant heap allocation

Colin Watson (1):
      factor: fix infinite loop on 32 bit powerpc

Daniel Schepler (1):
      build: fix compilation failure on x32

Jakob Truelsen (1):
      du: add -t SIZE, --threshold=SIZE option

Jim Meyering (13):
      maint: remove an obsolete test comment
      maint: tweak sc_check-I18N-AUTHORS
      maint: avoid unnecessary #include to fix syntax-check failure
      maint: avoid i686-specific syntax-check failure
      maint: correct indentation of W_TYPE_SIZE-defining cpp directives
      maint: reenable accidentally-disabled cppi-check syntax-check rule
      cut: treat -b2-,3- like -b2-, not like -b3-
      cut: do not print extraneous delimiters in some unusual cases
      tests: add test case and note that last week's cut change is a bug fix
      maint: adjust NEWS entry wording
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      maint: update all copyright year number ranges
      tests: avoid actual/expected mismatch due to changed diagnostic

Karl Berry (2):
      doc: remove stale pr news in the manual
      doc: avoid @sc in texinfo; it is unnecessary

Mike Frysinger (2):
      build: do not redefine _FORTIFY_SOURCE
      factor: disable x86_64 assembly code for x32 builds

Ondrej Oprala (2):
      df: do not print duplicate entries and rootfs by default
      df: prefer fullpath entries when deduplicating

Ondřej Vašík (1):
      stty: add support for DTR/DSR hardware control flow

Paul Eggert (12):
      df: port the new df test to POSIX sed, larger file systems
      factor: port to systems with rpl_malloc
      factor: maintainer builds primes.h, not builder
      factor: improve primes.h change
      factor: cleanup for primes.h
      factor: tidy up primes.h again
      doc: explain why dd is called "dd"
      install: fix security race
      install: fix security race
      doc: sync parse-datetime from gnulib
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      doc: say how to tac char-by-char

Pádraig Brady (38):
      maint: post-release administrivia
      maint: refactor tests/misc/ into tests/pr/
      build: ensure factor links the iconv library
      pr: fix -n to pad consistently and not crash
      build: don't rely on support for '%*j' printf format
      build: don't rely on support for '%j' printf format
      build: don't assume uintmax_t is 64 bits
      build: avoid build failure on some HPPA systems
      maint: fix the error message from sc_check-I18N-AUTHORS
      seq: ensure correct output width for scientific notation input
      tests: don't rely on sed -i being available
      tests: accept EEXIST from rm -d
      doc: clarify that renice is needed to adjust niceness
      tests: use sub-second timeouts to speed up a timeout test
      doc: update info cross reference to bash
      maint: remove a redundant odd sized alloc from factor.c
      maint: adjust instructions to run a single test
      tests: adjust for changed diagnostic
      maint: fix a referenced coreutils version in a test comment
      readlink: support multiple command line arguments
      maint: consistently use @dots{} in coreutils.texi
      build: avoid --enable-gcc-warnings on GCC <= 4.5
      tests: avoid a race in
      doc: clarify when dd iflag=fullblock is useful
      maint: rewrap a long line noticed by make syntax-check
      seq: fix newline output when -s specified
      dd: fix a printf format mismatch in an error message
      tests: avoid false positive valgrind failures
      doc: improve od --help and man page
      factor: apply a more general fix to enable correct assembly
      doc: fix an example in the od man page
      cut: with -f, process each line independently
      cut: fix -f to work with the -d$'\n' edge case
      seq: fix misaligment with -w when no precision for start value
      seq: fix to always honor the step value
      cut: fix a segfault with disjoint open ended ranges
      numfmt: correct a printf format
      build: update gnulib submodule; also bootstrap to latest

Stefano Lattarini (1):
      build: man page generation: degrade gracefully when perl is lacking

Stephan Krempel (1):
      timeout: ensure a blocked SIGALRM from the parent is unblocked

Zartaj Majeed (1):
      build: fix cygwin build issues

Ángel González (1):
      timeout: add --preserve-status to always propagate the exit status

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