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[Platform-testers] new snapshot available: coreutils-8.14.116-1e18d

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: [Platform-testers] new snapshot available: coreutils-8.14.116-1e18d
Date: Tue, 03 Jan 2012 17:29:58 +0100

FYI, here's a snapshot of what will soon be coreutils-8.15,
expected on Thursday or Friday.

coreutils snapshot:      5.2 MB

There are .sig files here, too:

Here's NEWS:
** Bug fixes

  du -x no longer counts root directories of other file systems.
  [bug introduced in coreutils-5.1.0]

  ls --color many-entry-directory was uninterruptible for too long
  [bug introduced in coreutils-5.2.1]

  ls's -k option no longer affects how ls -l outputs file sizes.
  It now affects only the per-directory block counts written by -l,
  and the sizes written by -s.  This is for compatibility with BSD
  and with POSIX 2008.  Because -k is no longer equivalent to
  --block-size=1KiB, a new long option --kibibyte stands for -k.
  [bug introduced in coreutils-4.5.4]

  ls -l would leak a little memory (security context string) for each
  nonempty directory listed on the command line, when using SELinux.
  [bug probably introduced in coreutils-6.10 with SELinux support]

  rm -rf DIR would fail with "Device or resource busy" on Cygwin with NWFS
  and NcFsd file systems.  This did not affect Unix/Linux-based kernels.
  [bug introduced in coreutils-8.0, when rm began using fts]

  stat -f now recognizes the FhGFS and PipeFS file system types.

  tac no longer fails to handle two or more non-seekable inputs
  [bug introduced in coreutils-5.3.0]

  tail -f no longer tries to use inotify on GPFS or FhGFS file systems
  [you might say this was introduced in coreutils-7.5, along with inotify
   support, but the new magic numbers weren't in the usual places then.]

** Changes in behavior

  df, with no non-option argument and recent enough kernel/tools, would
  print a long UUID-including file system name, pushing second and subsequent
  columns far to the right.  Now, when that long name refers to a symlink,
  df prints the usually-short referent instead.

  tail -f now uses polling (not inotify) when any of its file arguments
  resides on a file system of unknown type.  In addition, for each such
  argument, tail -f prints a warning with the FS type magic number and a
  request to report it to the bug-reporting address.

** New programs

  realpath: print resolved file names.

Changes in coreutils since v8.14:

Bernhard Voelker (1):
      tests: adjust PATH to generally include /sbin and /usr/sbin

Eric Blake (7):
      doc: NEWS: correct "bug introduced in ..." version number
      doc: fix typo in sort description
      id: tweak comment
      sort: clarify wording on -k syntax
      build: update gnulib for syntax-check improvement
      build: simplify warnings based on last gnulib update
      doc: fix list of GNU extension date formats

Erik Auerswald (1):
      ln: fix position of --backup values description

Jim Meyering (80):
      maint: post-release administrivia
      maint: tac: remove sole use of sprintf in favor of filenamecat
      tac: don't misbehave with multiple non-seekable inputs
      tac: don't leak a file descriptor for each non-seekable input
      tac: use only one temporary file, with multiple nonseekable inputs
      tac: do not let failed allocation cause immediate exit
      maint: tac: prefer "failed to" diagnostic over "cannot"
      maint: add git hook scripts
      rm: update gnulib to get an fts fix for Cygwin+NWFS/NcFsd file systems
      build: do not remove definition of ENODATA, after all
      build: avoid bootstrap failure when using patch-2.5.8
      date: reinstate the --iso-8601 (-I) option
      tests: don't make tail's pipe-f2 test take the full 10 seconds
      tests: doc: fix stale comment in new rm/many-dir-entries-vs-OOM
      tests: update gnulib to latest to avoid FP DST-related test failure
      maint: avoid new "make syntax-check" failure due to stdalign definition
      build: update gnulib for GNUmakefile fix
      build: adapt to gnulib's recent openat/fchownat separation
      scripts: reject references to long-form bug URLs
      stat: avoid compilation failure with gnulib's new alignof
      maint: fix git-log typos when generating ChangeLog
      build: adapt to gnulib's recent openat/fchmodat separation
      build: update gnulib to pull in openat module separation changes
      build: do use fstatat and unlinkat modules, now that they're separate
      build: update gnulib for more openat changes
      ls: plug a per-argument leak
      maint: adjust the URL that will appear in the generated announcement
      build: update gnulib for fstatat cross-compile improvement
      maint: sync pre-commit script with git's
      maint: add rule to ensure that our commit hook copies are up to date
      maint: install customized git hooks to keep commit logs consistent
      maint: avoid new syntax-check failure due to indentation with TABs
      maint: id, groups: use conforming diagnostics
      maint: adjust git hook to allow "copy: ..." on line 1 of commit message
      scripts: rewrite git commit-msg hook in Perl
      maint: avoid gitlog-to-changelog diagnostic about unused entries
      doc: clarify ln's --help output
      maint: make generated THANKS file read-only
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest
      maint: revert "build: update gnulib submodule to latest"
      tests: use compare, not "diff", in a few stray tests
      tests: use "compare exp out", not "compare out exp"
      build: --enable-gcc-warnings: disable some new warnings
      build: update gnulib and tests/
      scripts: commit-msg: tweak 72-column test to avoid a false-positive
      build: update gnulib submodule to latest for fixed stdalign test
      maint: append many lib/ and m4/ names to .gitignore
      maint: use gnulib's gettext-h, not the gettext module
      maint: bootstrap: remove some now-unneeded code
      maint: bootstrap: run autopoint and libtoolize *before* gnulib-tool
      maint: update comment gcc-4.6.2 still botches -Wsuggest-attribute=pure
      tests: add a syntax check for last week's global change
      build: update gnulib for const+pure attributes
      build: enable -Wsuggest-attribute=pure|const in lib/,...
      build: update gnulib to fix build failure with --enable-gcc-warnings
      maint: add missing ":" after "License" in local gnulib module files
      maint: remove redundant usage declarations (-Wredundant-decls)
      od,test: address warnings from gcc's -Wjump-misses-init
      maint: sort, stat: remove unused parameters
      ls: be responsive to interrupts when color-listing large directories
      maint: remove a misleading comment from shred.c
      ls: give a more useful diagnostic for a bogus --time-style arg
      build: merge in bootstrap changes from gnulib
      build: remove now-useless code from bootstrap.conf
      doc: improve factor example
      tail,stat: add support for FhGFS
      doc: update README-release with process to check for new FS magic
      tail: with -f, use polling when a file is on an FS of unknown type
      doc: stat: clarify that %t and %T expand to the file system type
      stat,tail: recognize new FS type: pipefs
      tests: also unset _STDBUF_E, _STDBUF_I and _STDBUF_O
      tail: avoid theoretically undefined behavior
      build: avoid spurious test.c warning with -Wsuggest-attribute=pure
      tests: fix a missing-dependency problem
      tests: change copyright year from 2011 to 2012 in sample-test
      maint: update all copyright year number ranges
      tests: also print chmod's --version
      build: tail: avoid type/format mismatch warning from gcc
      tests: adjust realpath test to avoid "make distcheck" failure
      df: work around long-named /dev/disk/by-uuid/... symlinks

Ludovic Courtès (1):
      id: fail when getuid, getgid, etc. fail, e.g., on GNU/Hurd

Martial Bornet (1):
      tail: with -f, use nanosleep (not inotify) on a GPFS file system

Mike Frysinger (1):
      build: include man-pages for non-default progs

Nix (1):
      tests: avoid rare fp failure in du/move-dir-while-traversing

Paul Eggert (15):
      maint: make tac.c slightly cleaner
      ls: -k no longer affects -l's file sizes
      * src/system.h (emit_size_note): Reword for clarity.
      * tests/ls/block-size: Make it executable.
      * tests/misc/sort-continue: Port to Fedora 15.
      doc: update for ISO/IEC 80000-13
      id: undo previous commit, which was done by mistake
      id: handle (uid_t) -1 more portably
      id: fix bug when euid != ruid
      port to GNU hosts, where getuid and friends can fail
      maint: don't assume GNU make \# syntax
      maint: don't assume GNU make \# syntax (fix previous)
      ln: clarify usage of -L, -n, -T
      doc: document 'touch' and timestamps better
      du: -x should not count files in other file systems

Pádraig Brady (7):
      maint: speed up make check (vc_exe_in_TESTS)
      doc: date: mention that the hardware clock might not be set
      tests: fix a race in timeout-group
      tests: avoid signal issues in timeout-group
      doc: homologize ch{con,grp,mod,own} option descriptions
      build: update gnulib for canonicalize_filename_mode improvements
      realpath: a new program to print the resolved path

Ruediger Meier (1):
      ls: another reword of generic size note

Changes in gnulib since v8.14:

* gnulib 6a4c64c...943bf5a (298):
  > remove temporary transition aid from over 1.5 years ago
  > do not try to accommodate compare arguments starting with "-"
  > Enhance tests for module 'isatty'.
  > New module 'isatty'.
  > canonicalize: Tweak 2011-12-29 commit.
  > gitlog-to-changelog: describe input syntax in --help output
  > gitlog-to-changelog: fix typo in --help: show backslash before email @
  > gitlog-to-changelog: don't malfunction when name contains %-directive
  > gitlog-to-changelog: Copyright-paperwork-exempt: yes == (tiny change)
  > test-framework-sh: fix "make dist" failure
  > autoupdate
  > maint: update all copyright year number ranges
  > version-etc: update copyright year reported by --version
  > canonicalize: only stat() when required
  > doc: cover st_ino issues once; add OpenVMS etc.
  > same-inode: port to OpenVMS
  > canonicalize: fix references to stat() and lstat()
  > autoupdate
  > gitlog-to-changelog: remove a little duplication
  > canonicalize: add support for not resolving symlinks
  > autoupdate
  > update from texinfo
  > gitlog-to-changelog: do not clump multi-paragraph entries
  > update from texinfo
  > announce-gen: fix `cmd' typo in diagnostic
  > update from texinfo
  > autoupdate
  > test-framework-sh: distribute
  > autoupdate
  > maint: remove explicit Files: tests/; depend on test-framework-sh
  > test-framework-sh: add minimal tests of's compare function
  > test-framework-sh: new module
  > do not emit simulated diff output to stderr
  > .gitignore: ignore gnulib.dvi and
  > correct previous change
  > correct previous ChangeLog entry: s/set -x/set -e/
  > avoid unwarranted test failure when using "set -x"
  > bootstrap: fix it to honor $ACLOCAL_FLAGS once again
  > bootstrap: remove some now-unneeded code
  > ftoastr: fix typo
  > README-release: fix punctuation
  > bootstrap: correct the recent buildreq change
  > build: let bootstrap resort to wget for downloading .po files
  > * m4/stdint.m4 (gl_STDINT_H): Finish up previous change.
  > stdint: don't assume C++11 when compiling with g++
  > alloca: protect comment from gnulib-tool
  > ChangeLog: fix encoding typo
  > localcharset: Use an absolute path in TESTS_ENVIRONMENT.
  > strftime-tests: also test nanoseconds
  > inttypes, stdint: add C++11 support
  > Fix ChangeLog typo in previous commit.
  > nonblocking tests: Fix test failure on Linux/MIPS.
  > argmatch: don't hard-code `' when listing valid option arguments
  > autoupdate
  > autoupdate
  > bootstrap: detect tools required by gnulib-tool
  > sethostname: Port to Windows platforms.
  > tests: Avoid spurious error message on platforms without mktemp program.
  > sethostname: Fix documentation.
  > gnulib-tool: Verify that the License field is present and non-empty.
  > sethostname tests: Fix link error on mingw.
  > sethostname tests: Fix compilation error on mingw.
  > sethostname tests: Avoid a gcc warning.
  > Tweak last commit.
  > Add a test suite for the sethostname module.
  > Tweak last commit.
  > Integrate the sethostname module into unistd
  > Tweak last commit.
  > Add a new sethostname module
  > Tweak last commit.
  > Split the HOST_NAME_MAX detection into a separate m4 macro
  > Fix module descriptions syntax.
  > stdalign: port to Clang 3.0
  > mktempd: silence dd usage
  > manywarnings: Don't mention gcc version in docstring.
  > hash: mark a few floating point constants with "f" suffix
  > float tests: Correct and re-enable assertion about LDBL_MIN_EXP.
  > Avoid subtracting two pointers that don't point into the same block.
  > add syntax check for use of compare from
  > manywarnings: drop -Wunsuffixed-float-constants
  > hash: mark compute_bucket_size with the pure attribute
  > quotearg, propername: correct pragma guard expression
  > propername: do not mark proper_name with the const attribute
  > propername: mark one more function as const
  > mark functions with const and pure attributes
  > Remove unused macros from !_LIBC code in glibc-borrowed files.
  > getcwd: Fix link error on MSVC 9.
  > Don't set REPLACE_FOO to 1 if HAVE_FOO is 0.
  > getcwd: Fix bug from 2011-08-17.
  > binary-io tests: Avoid test failure on mingw when libtool is used.
  > Fix conflict between two instantiations of module 'unistd'.
  > pagealign_alloc: Doc and comments.
  > avoid false-positive failure
  > valgrind-tests.m4: Avoid breakage if valgrind on bash fails.
  > test-stdalign.c: comment out long double tests
  > make "compare /dev/null FILE" output more readable
  > work around OSF/1 5.1's mishandling of /dev/null
  > gnulib-common: Silence warnings against config.h code.
  > autoupdate
  > getcwd: Work around getcwd bug on AIX 5..7.
  > getcwd: Fix bug from 2009-09-10.
  > manywarnings: More warnings.
  > fma tests: Avoid shadowing local variables.
  > copysignf tests: Fix.
  > fma: Remove unused code.
  > sethostname: Fix doc about AIX.
  > sethostname: Mention more portability problems.
  > Depend on module fcntl-h when AT_FDCWD is used.
  > euidaccess: Update a comment.
  > openat: Fix file list.
  > fstatat: Simplify.
  > Ensure 'inline' can be used in tests/test-utimens-common.h.
  > hash: Don't refer to deprecated interfaces.
  > readline: Check for readline/history.h.
  > test-getcwd: disambiguate exit status
  > fstatat: fix configuration bug on mingw, OpenBSD 4, Solaris 8
  > hash: deprecate poorly-named hash_insert0: use hash_insert_if_absent
  > openat: avoid compilation failure due to lack of <errno.h> inclusion
  > * modules/getcwd (Depends-on): Add fdopendir.
  > modules/crypto/gc-*: simplify dependencies and fix stdalign.h bug
  > tests: factor out st_ctime-comparison code (a dozen uses)
  > test-getcwd: don't leave behind a confdir3/ directory upon interrupt
  > gitlog-to-changelog: support multi-author commits.
  > Fix some modules' file list.
  > fix generation in VPATH builds.
  > Silence successful tests that use 'compare' on AIX, HP-UX, Solaris.
  > Makefile: Tweak indentation.
  > Syntax check for copyright statements.
  > Fix for last commit.
  > git-version-gen: Add --prefix.
  > git-version: Improve command line handling.
  > revamp the other test-exclude?.sh scripts to use, too
  >, fail if test-exclude fails
  > test-exclude: fix a typo
  > autoupdate
  > obstack: Fix compilation error on MSVC 9.
  > test-exclude: skip tests rather than failing on deficient systems
  > ptsname_r test: Avoid gcc warning on glibc systems.
  > ptsname_r: Avoid compilation error on OSF/1 5.1.
  > fstatat: Make cross-compilation guess succeed everywhere except on AIX.
  > ptsname_r tests: Fix bugs.
  > fstatat: work with cross-compilation
  > Improve MODULES.html output.
  > ptsname_r-tests: new test module
  > update from texinfo
  > ptsname_r: new module
  > announce-gen: be more concise when there's only one URL+tarball
  > openpty: provide a stub on mingw
  > raise: fix mingw handling of SIGPIPE
  > More conditional dependencies.
  > faccessat: Move AC_LIBOBJ invocation to module description.
  > faccessat: Simplify autoconf macro.
  > renameat: Fix dependencies.
  > mkfifoat: Fix module description.
  > fstatat: Remove unused dependency.
  > GNUmakefile: behave when Makefile is missing.
  > openat: Conditionalize dependencies.
  > extract GPG key ID without using a temporary file
  > grantpt: fix typo
  > silence new syntax check
  > Doc about floating-point and math API.
  > stdalign tests: Skip the test when compiled by Sun C.
  > ansi-c++-opt: Complete the 2011-06-05 change.
  > * doc/posix-headers/stdalign.texi (stdalign.h): Mention Sun review ID.
  > copysignl: Fix result for zero argument on HP-UX 11 with HP C.
  > update from texinfo
  > ldexp, ldexpf, ldexpl: Enhance tests.
  > math tests: Cosmetics.
  > fma*: Simplify test.
  > Tests for module 'fmal'.
  > New module 'fmal'.
  > Tests for module 'fmaf'.
  > New module 'fmaf'.
  > Tests for module 'fma'.
  > New module 'fma'.
  > Extend gl_MATHFUNC.
  > New modules 'at-internal', 'openat-h', split off from module 'openat'.
  > also prohibit inclusion of dirent.h without use
  > ldexpl tests: Avoid test failure on MSVC 9.
  > New modules 'at-internal', 'openat-h', split off from module 'openat'.
  > openat: Include <stdbool.h>.
  > fchownat, renameat, unlinkat: Fix dependencies.
  > openat: remove direct dependency on dirent
  > renameat: Optimize code size.
  > openat tests: Fix file list.
  > openat, fchmodat, fchownat, linkat, renameat: Fix dependencies.
  > at-func*.c: fix comments
  > New module 'mkdirat', split off from module 'openat'.
  > closedir: Avoid warning on mingw.
  > New module 'fstatat', split off from module 'openat'.
  > New module 'unlinkat', split off from module 'openat'.
  > New module 'fchmodat', split off from module 'openat'.
  > putenv: indent #definition of "environ" to placate cppi
  > gitlog-to-changelog: provide a ChangeLog-repair mechanism
  > gitlog-to-changelog: avoid an infloop
  > * Fix sed-script shell quoting and locale issues.
  > fchownat: Improve description.
  > * tests/test-stdalign.c (TEST_ALIGNMENT): Shrink back to 8.
  > Fix my old ChangeLog entry to properly cite Bruno's email.
  > alignof: Avoid collision with stdalign module.
  > New module 'fchownat', split off from module 'openat'.
  > stdalign: port better to MSVC and to Sun C 5.11
  > doc about some IRIX 5.3 problems.
  > gitlog-to-changelog: fix git-log invocation
  > gitlog-to-changelog: new option --append-dot
  > ffsl, ffsll: Avoid compilation error due to 'restrict'.
  > GNUmakefile: reenable "make syntax-check" for most projects
  > gitlog-to-changelog: treat a message with only blank lines as empty
  > test-parse-datetime.c: avoid new DST-related false positive test failure
  > autoupdate
  > fstat: Tweak documentation.
  > Update documentation regarding 'largefile' module.
  > don't maintain a second build-aux variable.
  > Adjust to Bruno's comments.
  > sys_socket: use stdalign, not alignof
  > crypto libraries: use stdalign
  > argp: use stdalign
  > stdalign-tests: new module
  > stdalign: new module
  > raise test: Avoid a test failure on Linux/MIPS.
  > nonblocking tests: Fix test failure on Linux/MIPS.
  > utimensat: Work around problem on Linux/hppa.
  > fix a bug in sc_prohibit_stddef_without_use
  > exempt ENODATA from a syntax-check rule
  > fts: close parent dir FD before returning from post-traversal fts_read
  > autoupdate
  > readme-release: improve safety of release prep instructions.
  > errno, strerror-override: Support for MSVC 10.
  > perror: Recognize when test program crashes.
  > perror: Fix indentation.
  > isfinite, isinf, isnan, signbit: Don't define as a macro in C++.
  > relocatable-prog-wrapper: Don't leave object files behind.
  > openpty, posix_openpt: Remove code duplication.
  > unlockpt: Detect invalid argument.
  > openpty: Avoid compilation error on AIX 6.1.
  > autoupdate
  > posix_openpt: Support for OpenBSD.
  > posix_openpt test: Coding style.
  > grantpt: Support --avoid=pt_chown.
  > posix_openpt: Fix autoconf macro.
  > openpty: Update comments.
  > openpty: relax license
  > pt_chown: use configmake to simplify build
  > ptsname and others: relax license
  > update from texinfo
  > posix_openpt: remove spurious #endif
  > Respect $(build_aux) in web-manual rule.
  > posix_openpt: Fix compilation error.
  > Support for old NeXTstep 3.3 frexp().
  > Support for old NeXTstep 3.3 sed.
  > Support for old NeXTstep 3.3 gcc.
  > posix_openpt: new module
  > xstrtoll: Fix compilation failure.
  > vasnprintf: Optimize bit search operation.
  > vasnprintf: Fix comments.
  > Tests for module 'integer_length_ll'.
  > New module 'integer_length_ll'.
  > Tests for module 'integer_length_l'.
  > New module 'integer_length_l'.
  > Tests for module 'integer_length'.
  > New module 'integer_length'.
  > popen: Fix dependency conditions.
  > perror: Fix autoconf test.
  > ffsl: Optimize on 64-bit platforms.
  > autoupdate
  > ffsl: Optimize on 32-bit platforms.
  > ffsl, ffsll: Optimize for GCC.
  > ffs, bcopy, memset: Support symbol renaming via config.h.
  > atanl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > acosl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > asinl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > tanl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > cosl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > sinl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > logl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > expl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > sqrtl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > ldexpl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > ffsll: set correct witness
  > printf-frexpl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > frexpl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > test-renameat: don't leave behind a temporary file
  > rint: Determine RINT_LIBM correctly on AIX 7.
  > mathfunc.m4: Refactor.
  > rintl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > roundl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > truncl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > ceill: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > floorl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > rint: Fix ordering constraints.
  > copysignl: Simplify for platforms where 'long double' == 'double'.
  > Tests for module 'rintl'.
  > New module 'rintl'.
  > Tests for module 'rintf'.
  > New module 'rintf'.
  > rint: Support for MSVC.
  > rint tests: More tests.
  > autoupdate

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