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[Plash] Plash 1.16 released

From: Mark Seaborn
Subject: [Plash] Plash 1.16 released
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 19:23:47 +0000 (GMT)

Hi all,

A new version of Plash, 1.16, is available.

Plash is a system for sandboxing GNU/Linux programs so that they can
be run with minimum authority.

The main change in this version is that the powerbox/Gtk integration
code has been rewritten.  The replacement GtkFileChooserDialog class
now inherits from GtkDialog (and hence from GtkWindow, GtkWidget,
etc.), just as Gtk's normal version does.  This works with a lot more
Gtk applications, including Firefox, Gnumeric and Inkscape.  Features
such as opening the file chooser as a modal window (using the
WM_TRANSIENT_FOR window manager hint) now work.

I have improved the build process, introducing an autoconf-based
configure script.

The documentation and Web pages have been overhauled and merged into

There are some improvements to pola-run: Firstly, it sets up the
PLASH_FAKE_{E,}[UG]ID environment variables (as pola-shell does) so
that sandboxed programs believe they are running under the calling
user's UID and GID.  This helps for programs that expect to find their
UID in /etc/password or that use the UID in the names of temporary
files.  Secondly, pola-run now interprets its --prog executable
argument in the callee's namespace, not the caller's namespace, which
makes more sense when using pola-run as a replacement for chroot.

A bug which stopped exec-object from working has been fixed.

There is now a publicly-accessible SVN repository for Plash.
Browse SVN at:
More info at:


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