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Re: [Pingus-Devel] Halloween 2011 levels open for testing

From: Ingo Ruhnke
Subject: Re: [Pingus-Devel] Halloween 2011 levels open for testing
Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 18:26:40 +0200

On 23 October 2011 17:37, sharon caron <address@hidden> wrote:
> how do you play the hidden levels in the windows 0.7.5 version. i see the 
> levels and levelsets in the data folder but they arent being displayed in 
> game menu.

Press Ctrl-m to activate developer mode before entering the levelset
menu. This will also give you infinite actions and the ability to
paint on the levelmap by holding Ins, Del or Home and show the
collision map by pressing 'c'. You can deactivate it by pressing
Ctrl-m again.

And as always: Those levels are hidden for a reason, they might be
unfinishable, unpolished or otherwise broken. They'll get unlocked
once they have received the neccesarry amount of polish.

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