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[Pingus-Devel] Pingus is fantastic!

From: Lloyd D Budd
Subject: [Pingus-Devel] Pingus is fantastic!
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 21:42:09 -0800

Hi pingus-devel,

ENV: Ubuntu 6.10 / pingus 0.6.0-8.4

I wanted to send you an email letting you know that I played through
Pingus "tutorial island" over the last few days, and it is fantastic!

If I can help please let me know.

I went to and thought it was really tacky that
there are popup ads.

The level "Three solutions, it's up to you" really breaks the flow of
the levels. It is harder than the ones after it. Spiked trap!?

The English language and grammar in the intro/story could be improved.

The map in the lower right corner does not have the polish the rest of
the game has.

The package in Ubuntu looks like it still has debug info going to
console. Likely also affects performance.

Speaking of performance, on my fast computer sometimes there was a
pause and then excelleration.

If you add more "islands" the number of levels in the intro should be decreased.

Those are all minor things compared to the amazing experience you have
created! If you want further help with any of those let me know.

Peace be yours,
Lloyd D Budd

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