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pingus 0.6 does not like clanlib 0.7.8?

From: edwin
Subject: pingus 0.6 does not like clanlib 0.7.8?
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 09:22:32 -0600 (CST)

I recently installed clanlib version 0.7.8 in order
to compile pingus 0.6

./configure for pingus fails in a couple of ways.

1) can't find -lHermes, which doesn't surprise me
as I don't have it installed.  Is it required?
If so, where do I get it--a web search failed to
find a homepage for it.  The Pingus website
is not great about spelling out library
requirements needed to compile.

2) can't find clanlib headers when installed 
in the default location of /usr/local.  I can get
around this by linking them to /usr, but it suggests
a weak configure script somehow.  Is there a 
--with-clanlibdir=/usr/local option in the configure

3) Here's the killer.  The attempt to test -lclanCore
fails, and the config.log shows what appears to be
invalid parameters being passed from the test compile
to clanCore.  Clancore is most definitely installed,
and ldconfig knows about it.
Is Pingus 0.6 expecting an older version
of clanlib which had a subtly different API?
There are other hints that this is the case, such as
./configure assuming something (headers, I think) 
 will be in a "clanlib" directory as opposed to a 
"clanlib-0.x/clanlib" directory.

If this is the problem, which version of clanlib
was pingus tested with?  I don't use clanlib for
anything else, so I could install an older version.
I don't want to use a pre-compiled pingus binary,
so that's not an option--the source has to be
made to compile!

any help to address@hidden would be appreciated.

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