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Re: One request and one idea

From: David Philippi
Subject: Re: One request and one idea
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 23:27:42 +0200

Am Mit, 2003-09-24 um 18.15 schrieb Jonas Bähr:
> (I hope this is the right place for this)


> First the request: It would be great to have the fast-forward (Hotkey 'f') 
> available in the worldmap (the Overview of the levels, "Toutorial Island") 
> because it takes quite a long time to get from on end of the island to the 
> other... (tested with the unofficial 0.6.0 for win32 which was recently 
> posted on this mailing-list)

Why is that a problem for you? I don't see the need to walk large
distances on the world map very often.

> The Idea is a "hardcore-mode" (sorry, I don't have a good name). In this 
> mode, 
> you get only these pingus at the start which you saved in the last level of 
> the world. For this the programm need to know the min. of pingus you have to 
> sacrify to get throu the level and how many pingus you get at the begining of 
> the world / need to save at the end of the world.
> I know that this is nothing for large worlds but could be a nice option for 
> little custom-worlds... What do you think about?

That's something I could very well imagine. It's even possible for large
worlds if the levels are designed in a way that allows to rescue
(nearly) all Pingus. Surely, such a solution might be far from obvious.
This would also fit quite well with the idea of secret exits (most
likely reading as: hard to reach) - using that one you find a group of
other Pingus which will help you to get through the rest of the levels.
Might be a few you had to leave behind who found another way to get back
to the rest or something else.
This shouldn't be very difficult to code, designing the levels/worlds
right is most likely to be much more work.

Bye David

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