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Re: joystick - still not working

From: Leonardo Tasso
Subject: Re: joystick - still not working
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2003 18:14:52 +0200
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On Mon, Sep 15, 2003 at 10:13:11PM +0200 or thereabouts, David Philippi wrote:
> Am Mon, 2003-09-15 um 20.54 schrieb Leonardo Tasso:
> > I tried to make joystick work, using the options you suggested in the 
> > previous thread, and at least pingus does 
> > not crash if I provide the right number of button for my joystick. But 
> > still it does not work. The joystick is 
> > ok with testing programs and also with other games. 
> > any suggestion ?
> You should at least post the relevant sections of your controller.xml
> file.
> Bye David

when I launch pingus with
/usr/games/pingus --controller /usr/share/games/pingus/controller/gamepad.xml 

I get these two warnings

[Warning] Controller: No pause button - inserting dummy
[Warning] Controller: No escape button - inserting dummy

and gamepad.xml is

      <axis-pointer speed="250">
        <joystick-axis id="0" axis="0" angle="0" />
        <joystick-axis id="0" axis="1" angle="90" />

        <mouse-button button="0"/>
        <joystick-button id="0" button="4"/>

        <mouse-button button="2"/>
        <joystick-button id="0" button="1"/>

        <key-button key="F"/>
        <key-button key="SPACE"/>
        <joystick-button id="0" button="0"/>
        <joystick-button id="0" button="2"/>

        <key-button key="A"/>

      <axis-scroller speed="1000">
        <button-axis angle="90">
          <key-button key="DOWN"/>
          <key-button key="UP"/>
        <button-axis angle="0">
          <key-button key="RIGHT"/>
          <key-button key="LEFT"/>

      <action-button><key-button key="1"/></action-button>
      <action-button><key-button key="2"/></action-button>
      <action-button><key-button key="3"/></action-button>
      <action-button><key-button key="4"/></action-button>
      <action-button><key-button key="5"/></action-button>
      <action-button><key-button key="6"/></action-button>
      <action-button><key-button key="7"/></action-button>
      <action-button><key-button key="0"/></action-button>

        <key-button key="PAGEUP"/>
        <joystick-button id="0" button="3"/>

        <key-button key="PAGEDOWN"/>
        <joystick-button id="0" button="5"/>


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