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Re: compiling pingus 0.6.0 & DRT II

From: Amir Michail
Subject: Re: compiling pingus 0.6.0 & DRT II
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 20:46:38 +1000


I was able to get it working using clanlib from
pingus CVS.

Roughly speaking, DRT II allows you to record
your game's execution as a high-level video and also
as a low-level function trace.

You can then use VCR-like controls and search to help you correlate
high-level events in the video with low-level events in the code.

This would be useful in for example helping new developers understand
key aspects of your game's code base.

You can find some screenshots of DRTII + pingus here:

To see what DRT II is all about, please see the UNSW CSE COMP3141
assignment on which it is based (particularly part #1):

and more info here on both DRT I + II:

Some additional screenshots:


P.S.  Our next release of DRT will include the DRT II code.

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