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Re: Pingus level comment tool

From: Jarno Elonen
Subject: Re: Pingus level comment tool
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 19:20:23 +0300
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> 1. As a help for development, to get a better overview over the levels
>    and to quickly find levels that fit a theme, for that having the
>    thumbnails in the overview and a larger version of the level
>    available on a single-click is very important, thus I would
>    suguesst to make the full/half buttons either available in the
>    overview or simply show a 50% or 33% image directly in the level
>    page.

I also added a "play" link, which downloads the level with mime type 
"application/pingus-level" so that if the browser is configured properly, you 
can very easily test the levels on the list.

>    Being able to seperate between wip/, playable/ and Co. is also very
>    important here


My view of the tool is that there needs to be a lot of quality levels and 
having lots of people test and comment on drafts is generally a good idea. I 
work in the game industry myself and QA / level testers are really 
indispensable as it's very easy to miss some points when making a level. To 
see what I mean, look for example at or

To facilitate effective feedback from testers to level designers, I also added 
a mail notification feature. The system now sends a message like this 
whenever someone adds a comment:

  Jarno Elonen <address@hidden>
  has commented on your Pingus level at

  Rating: **
  Difficulty: easy

  You can solve this level much easier than was probably meant:
  just start bashing almost immediately when the first pingu hits
  the ground and avoid the obelisk platform entirely.

  This is an automatically generated notification mail.
  If you wish not to receive comments anymore, write a
  short note to Pingus developer list address@hidden

It's also possible to forward any email address to another so that if some 
author doesn't want to get the mail, you redirect her mail to some other 
address or just "null".

- Jarno

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