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From: Tim
Subject: Re: HELP
Date: 25 May 2003 22:19:43 +0000

With Cygwin, you can get a "Windowz-ized" GCC Compiler there... (I think
it's something like that)

Not sure if somebody's tested it with Cygwin, and I can't confirm CVS
stability either. And there seem to be some porting issues to Windoze as
well from what I can remember. 

On Sun, 2003-05-25 at 21:21, Josh Dye wrote:
> First of all, I am 13 years old, Have (2) webstites own (1) computer
> runnind MacOS & Windows (I know windows sucks)I'm going to het a new
> comp. with linux.  And I have A CVS version of Pingus-CVS-03-01-02,
> but i do not have the tools to compile it.  If anyone has a
> precompiled version of pingus 0.5, or would compile
> Pingus-CVS-03-01-02 for me please e-mail me at
> address@hidden
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