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RE: [pigeoncide-devel] Problems with the graphics, and others...

From: Sari Sariola
Subject: RE: [pigeoncide-devel] Problems with the graphics, and others...
Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009 23:09:06 +0200


I guess that mistake was a wrong choise of words but as I said i don't really even know what the problem is :)

I can obviously do the 2d drawings of menus and such, I just paniced a bit(sorry...) as it seemed you needed all this stuff before Marc is back online(which was the 5th of jan if I remember correctly?) and as we are moving on the 3rd. As the place we are moving to hasen't been lived in for two years you can imagine the state it's in so we have to renovate like crazy still before that. But if it's ok for you to get the menus and such after the vacation, maybe latest around the 15th?, I can totally do them. I'll just need the info about what the menu's and such will need to have in them to get it done. I have also done some sketches of the levels before and we have talked abou it a bit with Katri so I think she'll be able to do it if she can just find the time. One of our classmates also promised we can use his ready made game models for clutter if we need them on the clouds so I don't think we need more than the cloud itself? It sucks that we never got around to going through this before the vacation, it would all be so much easier now :p

I have two different e-mails for both Katri(address@hidden or address@hidden) and Ville(address@hidden or address@hidden) and have no idea which one they use at the moment so you'd probably be best off by mailing to both.


> Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009 21:50:51 +0100
> From: address@hidden
> To: address@hidden
> CC: address@hidden
> Subject: Re: [pigeoncide-devel] Problems with the graphics, and others...
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> Hi Sari,
> Actually I didn't expect you to fix the issues with Marc models, because
> he already had to invest a lot of time in learning the tools, so don't
> worry about that (actually I don't think they are mistakes as you said,
> the models are quite good, but issues always arise when passing models
> from one tool to another). I will wait for him to have some time...
> So, I don't want to put pressure on you... it is just that there are
> some things that I expected that someone was doing and I suddenly
> realise that there is no way to get them done :S I understand that you
> are very busy with moving, etc, but you could take tasks that you like,
> such as 2D drawing for the menus and the HUD and do them in your free
> time if you please.
> Also, I would thank you if you gave me Ville and Katri's emails so I can
> contact them and see if they can get the level done.
> Kiitos samoin,
> JP
> Sari Sariola wrote:
> >
> > I already said this pretty much in a PM to JP via Facebook but I'll mail it here too. I have no idea what Marc has even done so I don't have no way of correcting any possible mistakes there are.The reason you haven't heard of me in ages is that I've had nothing to do with the project except for Marc mentioning to me every few weeks that he has done something for it. Katri from our class was supposed to do something about the level design but I have no idea if anyone has told her what to do as we kept talking that we should talk about it after class some day but we never got around to it. I can try contacting her or Ville but the thing is I have no idea if either of them will even answer as they are both on holiday as am I and don't think any of ous realised that you guys would need something for it now. Am also moving in less than a week so there is no way I can do anything for the game at least for the next couple of weeks.
> >
> > Sari
> >
> >
> >
> >> Date: Sat, 26 Dec 2009 19:50:19 +0100
> >> From: address@hidden
> >> To: address@hidden
> >> Subject: [pigeoncide-devel] Problems with the graphics, and others...
> >>
> > Hello mates,
> >
> > Now that the coding team is up and running again much work is being
> > done. The phisics engine is ready which provides very realistics
> > collisions and so on, and the character can move around, I hope to be
> > able to render a demo soon.
> >
> > Still, there are some problems with the graphics that should be addressed:
> >
> > - The latest (animated) versions of the 3D models don't show correctly
> > in Panda. More exactly, they look like "inverted", a really weird
> > effect. There is a video 'weird-pigeon.ogv' in the trunk/data/test
> > folder of the developers SVN showing the effect.
> >
> > I have been able to 'fix' the problem by applying a (-1, -1, -1) scale
> > on the code, but then, while this "inversion" effect is fixed, the
> > lights show inverted on the model (probably due to flipped normals...).
> > Can anyone take a look at this problem and see how to fix it?
> >
> > - I am having trouble getting the animations to load properly. I am
> > still doing investigations on this topic and will give further details
> > here as I have them...
> >
> > - We need a new real level for our game. Thanks to the integration with
> > the physics engine, arbitrary levels can be loaded and collision
> > detection directly works... (lets see how this scales as we start to add
> > tens of pigeons...) so don't feel limited, but think about playability
> > when doing it.
> >
> > Marc has been doing a lot and he is now away from his computer for a few
> > days, so please, Sari, can you address this task (it has been a long
> > time since we have news from you)?
> >
> > - We also need some 2D graphics for the user interface. Can Sari work on
> > some 2D designs for the menu and the hud?
> >
> > Kiitos,
> >
> > JP
> >
> >
> >
> >>
> >>
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