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[pigeoncide-devel] Count me out!

From: Tapio Noranta
Subject: [pigeoncide-devel] Count me out!
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 16:10:40 +0300

Hi guys and girls!

I've got some good and some bad news. I've gotten a full-time for the rest of the year and it involves a lot of preliminary work every week. That's why I'm putting my studies on hold. So sadly it means I'm not able to participate in our game anymore. It would not be fair to have a member working only 26.7%. I wouldn't like to leave such a hard- working group with such interesting ideas. But this is how it is now. So good luck with the project and I hope you will get a finished game! I'd really like to see it.

- Tapio

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