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Re: [pidgeoncide-devel] Is the paper already sent to our teachers?

From: Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente
Subject: Re: [pidgeoncide-devel] Is the paper already sent to our teachers?
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 2009 19:16:03 +0200
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Marc Modrow wrote:
> I will meet sari tonight after I visit you, JP, to get savannah working
> for her. I cannot say anything about tapio, but: will they even get the
> mail if they are no project members yet?

Yes, I manually subscribed everyone to the mailing lists. One can
subscribe the mailing list without a Savannah account or project membership.


> Juan Pedro Bolívar Puente schrieb:
> Marc Modrow wrote:
>>>> Hi guys.
>>>> Have you programmers already sent the concept paper to our teachers?
>>>> Tonight is the deadline for that.
> It was done on time. No worry :D
>>>> Also: We urgently(!!) need cathegories for our task manager. W/O
>>>> cathegories noone will understand what is put into it and without
>>>> understanding the manager our project will most likely fail. I'd very
>>>> much like to put stuff in, but I basically can't as long as this is not
>>>> done.
>>>> I already did a task for the admins what I think is needed to create. As
>>>> far as I can see into the system I have no access to that kind of thing
>>>> because I am no admin.
>>>> Please answer this asap.
> I gave you admin access and as you have done a great job creating the
> tasks and categories :D Tapio and Sari: I do not know if you still have
> problems with the page, but it would be good if you could register asap
> because that way you get mail notifications when the tasks are updated.
> JP
>>>> Bye, Marc

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