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[Partysip-dev] Disabling DNS resolution in partysip

From: Simone Leggio
Subject: [Partysip-dev] Disabling DNS resolution in partysip
Date: Tue, 07 Sep 2004 10:18:26 +0300
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Hi Jack and all,

a couple of questions. I am using partysip 2.1.2 on linux in an environment where DNS is not available, and I need therefore to disable DNS resolution as it unavoidably fails.

When I REGISTER user A with partysip, I always send its IP address (dotted decimal) in the "contact" header field. The server seems not to care about this contact IP address and when user B invites user A the INVITE cannot be forwarded because DNS resolution fails.

1) Can I make the server use the IP address provided by A in the registration instead of calling DNS resolution functions when an INVITE is sent?

2) If this is not possible (please, tell me why) would it be sensible to build my own plugin that fills the bindings (I mean, SIP user name + IP address in the "contact" header) in some cache or db, and when an INVITE is received retrieves the IP address matching that user name from the cache, bypassing the current DNS resolution partysip plugins? How can I disable them, in this case?

Hope I remembered all, I'll came back to the list if new things come into my mind.
Thanks in advance,

        Simone Leggio

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