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RE: [Partysip-dev] [Q] URI binding with IP addr

From: Walter Schober
Subject: RE: [Partysip-dev] [Q] URI binding with IP addr
Date: Wed, 8 Oct 2003 21:52:59 +0200

An example did help me most:
This is our DNS entry (internal only yet):
; SIP URL settings
; finding the proxy for _sip._<transport> IN SRV  0 5 5060 IN SRV  0 5 5060
; finding the appropriate protocol.transport of a domain   IN      NAPTR   10 100 "s" "SIP+D2U"    "" _sip._udp
                IN      NAPTR   20 100 "s" "SIP+D2T"    "" _sip._tcp
; normal A, CNAME entries
xxx          IN      A
yyy          IN      CNAME   xxx
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Subject: [Partysip-dev] [Q] URI binding with IP addr

I have a general SIP proxy Q with URI binding with IP addr.
How Proxy bind URI with IP addr?
Does this IP addr get from ip addr  in contact header or src addr from IP header ?
I assume it get from contact header since it may not be
the same with src ip addr 
How about if addr in contact header is a domain name
which different with the the domain that the proxy responsible for?
If a proxy responsible for domain
Sip client register msg may looks like
Via: ......
From: 22 <sip:address@hidden>;tag=3437148938
To: 22 <sip:address@hidden>
Contact: sip:address@hidden
Does the binding will be below?
address@hidden :  address@hidden
So if this proxy rcv msg that dest to address@hidden, it will
use DNS resolve and send to proxy first?
Is there any protocol between proxies so proxy for know the IP addr for

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