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[Partysip-dev] SCTP plugin for Partysip

From: Aymeric Moizard
Subject: [Partysip-dev] SCTP plugin for Partysip
Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 17:11:16 +0100 (CET)

Thanks to Thomas Pang, partysip has now a SCTP plugin.

You can download it at:

You'll need a sctp kernel to compile it.

partysip must be compiled with a specific option
and I'm not sure that you can use both UDP and
SCTP together.

I think there are still bugs as I did not change
the Via headers for SCTP support and other issue
might also prevent it from working. But anyway,
this is a good start.

I'd like to get feedback from users that have
implemented reliable protocols in their applications.
Did you find any issue?


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