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Re: [Partysip-dev] loggin problem in win32

From: Aymeric Moizard
Subject: Re: [Partysip-dev] loggin problem in win32
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 18:30:22 +0100 (CET)

After one complete day of fighting against this VC++ crazy
and stupid program, I finally made it running again.

Here is the process I took:
1: In settings, all projects will use "Debug Multithreaded Dll"
 instead of "Debug Multithreaded".
 If anybody can explain the difference between both, I'll appreciate?

2: Rename all stricmp to _stricmp and strnicmp to _strnicmp
   in osip and partysip.
  I'm too tired to understand why... Some explanations are

3: Uncheck the "use default library" in the link settings.
  Is'nt msvcrtd.dll a default library when "Debug multithreaded"
  is selected?

4: add "msvcrtd.lib" in the list of library used for the link.

My own feeling is that there was a link with a single threaded
library in the program. If anyone knowns why this happen and
how to be sure to avoid it by some click, I'll welcome again
some help.

This makes me mad... I'll try to merge the changes tomorrow.

On Tue, 28 Jan 2003, Zihong Lu wrote:

> I have downloaded both libosip-0.9.3 and
> partysip-0.5.3 source codes, and compiled them with
> Visual Studio 7 (inside the VS .Net) in windows 2000
> environment without error (there were some warnings
> about "could not access code" in source code file
> port_misc.c). I could start the partysip with the
> following arguments:
> partysip.exe -d 6 -i -f
> c:\partysip-0.5.3\conf\partysip.conf
> without problem, and I could log into the proxy
> server.  However, there is no logging information at
> anywhere, not in the terminal that started the
> partysip.
> If I run the executable with the following arguements:
> partysip.exe -d 6 -i -f
> c:\partysip-0.5.3\conf\partysip.conf -l log.txt
> The program crashed at the very first encounter of
> OSIP_TRACE, in my case, it is line
> OSIP_TRACE (osip_trace (__FILE__, __LINE__,
> OSIP_INFO2, NULL, "serverip token %i: '%s'\n", n,
> core->serverip[n]));
> I did traced into the code, and found out that it had
> an Access Violation at
> Microsoft file _file.c, line:
>     EnterCriticalSection( &(((_FILEX *)pf)->lock) );
> when called from fprintf() in Microsfot file
> fprintf.c.
> Did any one run into this run time exception?  Or did
> I miss something?  I had double checked the project
> settings in osipfsm and osipparser, ensured that they
> have the mutithread flags set correctly, ie, the
> following flags existed:
> -Zihong
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