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[Partysip-dev] A problem of partysip and libosip!

From: 军 陈
Subject: [Partysip-dev] A problem of partysip and libosip!
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 12:16:09 +0800 (CST)

Hi jack and all:

    These days,I met a problem,which when I went through the source code,I still cannot understand it.I hope someone can help me explain it.

    When I register some user by using linphone and linphone showed "Registration successfull", and in the partysip,it also tells me "Registration saved ok"(I will attached the message printed by partysip below),but when I call from another UA(also linphone),it tells me "user not found".so I trace the source code,and have the following problems:

   1).I found the function such as "css_core_cb_rcvinvite"(in css_core4.c) is just a statement like:

      trace(__FILE__,__LINE__,TRACE_LEVEL1,NULL,"INFO: css_core_cb_rcvinvite!\n");

    then do nothing,and I trace it in the libosip,I found the process flow is like this

            osip_ist(ict)_execute()---->transcation_execute()--->fsm_method()--->osip->cb_ist_invite_received()(this is just css_core_cb_rcvinvite() function),,,Here I wonder where is the function osip_ist(ict)_execute called???

  2).when I have registered an user in a server,and I made the server act as a redirect server, next time,when I called the user from another UA, in the server,it should find the user in the function "cb_ls_localdb_search_user_location",but I cannot trace it! Why?

  L2 -1027407033- <udp.c: 164> INFO: udp plugin: hook1: cb_rcv_udp_message()!
L1 -1027407033- <udp.c: 169> WAITING FOR UDP MESSAGE
L3 -1027407033- <udp.c: 176> INFO: udp plugin: RCV UDP MESSAGE
L1 -1027407033- <udp.c: 169> WAITING FOR UDP MESSAGE
L5 -1027407033- <udp.c: 187> WARNING: udp plugin: no data available!
L1 -1027407033- <imp.c: 357> INFO: imp module: dispatching request!
L5 -1027407033- <sipevent.c: 80> MESSAGE REC. CALLID:1546736410 :-(
L1 -1027407033- <psp_core.c: 414> Branch hash (remote client is not compliant): z9hG4bKl634ded7a32933510fe2bc519429abec3
L3 -1027407033- <psp_req.c: 28> INFO: Allocating psp_req ressource!
L3 -1027407033- <syntax.c: 55> INFO: syntax plugin: validate syntax. (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
L3 -1027407033- <filter.c: 68> INFO: filter plugin: checking rules. (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
L3 -1027407033- <transaction.c: 34> INFO: allocating transaction ressource 3 1546736410
L3 -1027407033- <ist.c: 30> INFO: allocating IST context
L3 -1027407033- <psp_req.c: 56> INFO: free psp_req ressouce!
L3 -1027407033- <transaction.c: 209> sipevent evt->transactionid: 3
L3 -1027407033- <transaction.c: 210> sipevent tr->state: 5
L3 -1027407033- <transaction.c: 211> sipevent evt->type: 10
L3 -1027407033- <transaction.c: 212> sipevent evt->sip: 4a500
L1 -1027407033- <psp_core4.c: 68> INFO: psp_core_cb_rcvinvite!
L3 -1027407033- <transaction.c: 243> sipevent evt: method called!
L3 -1027407033- <transaction.c: 209> sipevent evt->transactionid: 3
L3 -1027407033- <transaction.c: 210> sipevent tr->state: 6
L3 -1027407033- <transaction.c: 211> sipevent evt->type: 21
L3 -1027407033- <transaction.c: 212> sipevent evt->sip: 4ae18

/***I think this maybe exist a procedure of finding the user in the localdb is it true??*****/
L2 -1027407033- <udp.c: 221> INFO: udp plugin: hook2: cb_snd_udp_message()!
L1 -1027407033- <udp.c: 292> INFO: udp_plugin: message sent to on port 5060
L1 -1027407033- <psp_core4.c: 190> INFO: psp_core_cb_snd4xx!
L3 -1027407033- <transaction.c: 243> sipevent evt: method called!

  Thank you for your answer

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