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[Partysip-announce] libosip-0.9.2 and partysip-0.5.2

From: Aymeric Moizard
Subject: [Partysip-announce] libosip-0.9.2 and partysip-0.5.2
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 18:33:59 +0100 (CET)

libosip-0.9.2 and partysip-0.5.2 are available at:

I have only tested the windows and linux compilation process and not so
long ago OpenBSD as usual. I would appreciate any feedback about solaris,
Vxworks, Free|NetBSD and others.

Those releases mainly concern interoperability
issue and some small fix.

Here is the details of both changelog: (some fix
and improvments are not reported)

libosip (0.9.2)
        * add support for the received and rport parameters inside the
          osip stack.
        * sdp_negoc.c: fix the video support.
        * msg_parser.c: use realloc for main buffer of msg_parse().
        * hdr_authorization.c: improve end of header detection.
        * hdr_callinfo.c: fix a bug when realloc happen here.
        * hdr_from.c: accept empty parameter.

partysip (0.5.2)
        * support for received and rport parameter.
        * start support for non sip-url scheme inside partysip.
        * fix handling of record-route headers when used with other
        * switch to automake1.6 (should also work with automake1.5)

For those who read to the end, I have been working on the NAT
feauture in partysip. It's almost done and should be available
in partysip-0.5.3 (linux only feature). I also plan to merge
the ls_dplan plugin wich is actually also a filter plugin for
routing rules defined with regexp pattern :-/

Be patient and enjoy.
As usual, a free server is running on
User-Id are free, but try to guess a unique one! :)


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