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[Proposal] adding --total option to enable --bar for longer input

From: Alexander Klimetschek
Subject: [Proposal] adding --total option to enable --bar for longer input
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2022 16:06:47 -0600


first of all - thanks for parallel, it's a great tool!

I have a use case where I have a large workload that is generated dynamically and piping that input via stdin to parallel takes a long time (a couple of hours). Since it takes so long, I also really want to use --bar for seeing the progress and ETA, but then it fails with:

> parallel: Warning: Reading NNNN arguments took longer than 10 seconds
> parallel: Warning: Consider removing --bar

This is because if you specify --bar or --eta, it waits for collecting all the lines of the input to know the total number of jobs in order to calculate percentage & ETA.

In my case I do know the total upfront though, so I could simply pass that number into parallel. I did a quick patch and it works nicely:

- added a "--total N" option which expects an integer number
- if set, it would use that value preferably in the sub total_jobs() instead of counting the input (or any of the other cases it has)
- the rest follows automatically

Below is a quick patch against version "GNU parallel 20220822":

< ("debug|D=s" => \$opt::D,
> ("total=i" => \$opt::total,
> "debug|D=s" => \$opt::D,
< if($opt::sqlworker) {
> if($opt::total) {
>    $self->{'total_jobs'} = $opt::total;
> } elsif($opt::sqlworker) {

Not sure what the right contribution process is, so I thought I would start with a mail on this list.

Alexander Klimetschek

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