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Re: New bug

From: Ole Tange
Subject: Re: New bug
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2020 09:24:10 +0200

On Tue, Jul 7, 2020 at 10:55 PM <> wrote:
> I've pulled down version 20200622 as requested and reran the exact same 
> command.
> It exits with the same error:
> * The version number: 20200622
> * The bugid: Less than 1 byte memory free

This error occurs (obviously) if there is less than 1 byte of memory
free. But it also occurs if the script detecting the amount of memory
free fails.

For GNU/Linux the script is :

    perl -e "print 1024 * qx{ awk '/^((Swap)?Cached|MemFree|Buffers):/
{ sum += \\\$2 } END { print sum }' /proc/meminfo }"

> Please let me know how I can help.

Please run the above line.

Also see if you can make it fail by running something other than Shap.
Possibly just a dummy Python script that eats all the memory.


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