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[Papo-hackers] household self-sufficient

From: Mag Keller
Subject: [Papo-hackers] household self-sufficient
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 15:20:34 +0400
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Josh played three or four times as well and he made it to the final table. Was I bored this weekend?
the list goes on and on.
It hard to have the argument when folks who are getting paid by PayPerPost are doing it out of financial hardship, but I will try. Josh played three or four times as well and he made it to the final table. I want to download podcasts when I'm on the road, but I can never seem to get my iPod to synch on two computers. Now, I think most marketers will laugh them right out of town, but if no one speaks up and Tim's voting for this service with his very large checkbook then these guys might get some traction.
wow, this is gonna get interesting.
We ban advertisers who do bad things-not enable and profit from them like PayPerPost does.
So much for taking it easy.
We try to explain to these folks how the system works and how they can be good members and I'm shocked to see how often it works. So much for taking it easy.
Google forces advertisers to carry the "Ads by Google" line for a reason.
" I'm sure many folks have had this idea before, and I gotta think that someone has already done this.
I respond in his comments, but also wanted to post my thoughts here as well.
We spent years creating the blogosphere and educating the market of the value blogs-I'm not going to let you walk in here and destroy years of work.
People stop creating multiple accounts, they stop breaking the middleman rule, and they start acting like good citizens. Over the next few days I will be making change here and there to get this template to my liking. It's unique in the media landscape, and as someone who's fallen in love with it and helped it grow, I feel the need to defend it from the forces of evil.
Mit dem neuen Angebot "Visa.

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