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[Papo-hackers] nap detest

From: Susan Irwin
Subject: [Papo-hackers] nap detest
Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2006 09:26:18 +0300
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But this election is anything but ordinary.
However, nobody in Washington expects them to go away on schedule; they were designated as temporary only to make their ultimate results look less scary.
His leadership, with John McCain, of the bipartisan effort to put to rest the toxic debate over Vietnam-era P.
But for tax cuts to stimulate economic activity quickly and efficiently they should go to people who will spend the extra money.
Many of its provisions, such as allowing broader information-sharing among investigative agencies, are sensible. Jobs, health care, education, and the rest may not count for much when weighed against the prospect of large-scale terrorist attack.
We prefer to ask which candidate is better suited to the governance of our nation. Al Gore won the popular vote, so we were kinda wrong.
He boasts that he listens to no outside advisers, and inside advisers who dare to express unwelcome views are met with anger or disdain.
His record since then has been dictated, sometimes literally, by the industries affected. At least as reprehensible is the way that foreign nationals living in the United States have been treated.
His leadership, with John McCain, of the bipartisan effort to put to rest the toxic debate over Vietnam-era P. For now, as citizens, we hope for his victory.
Some of the money that has been pumped into it has been leached from other education programs, dozens of which are slated for cuts next year. That military operation was indeed a success. The toll of Iraqi dead and wounded is of an order of magnitude greater than the American.
Kerry accused President George W. In a second Bush term, the Court could be remade in their images.
Opium production has increased fortyfold. As for the second two, if the wishes behind them do someday come true, it may not be clear that the invasion of Iraq was a help rather than a hindrance. Largely at the insistence of Democrats and moderate Republicans, the Bush cuts gave middle-class families some relief in the form of refunds, bigger child credits, and a smaller marriage penalty. It showed a cumulative surplus of more than five trillion dollars. The Senate has confirmed two hundred and one of his judicial nominees, more than the per-term averages for Presidents Clinton, Reagan, and Bush senior.
There is surely idealistic purpose in envisioning a Middle East finally relieved of its autocracies and dictatorships.
Warlords control much of Afghanistan outside the capital of Kabul, which is the extent of the territorial writ of the decent but beleaguered President Hamid Karzai.

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