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[Papo-hackers] Re: hello

From: Cora Bender
Subject: [Papo-hackers] Re: hello
Date: Sun, 24 Sep 2006 14:16:52 -0400
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"Her eyes shifted away from his. ""You are such a silly,»she said, and came over and began to feed him. And now, Paulie, you're going to be a good little Do-Bee and follow the scenario. If someone comes sooner — " She reached into the khaki bag again and brought out the trooper's. Like those swamis who toot their flutes until ropes come out of baskets and they climb the ropes and disappear. The bottom of the mower was smeared with blood, particularly around the grass-exhaust, which was still dripping. "I made you that nice sundae and the least you could do is tell me a few things.Maybe, he thought, that's why she doesn't write books. They were the lucky things. When Paul asked her if everything had gone all right, she nodded. Also, I don't believe babies are ensouled. "She smiled at him — a dry, spitless smile.

When she came in he thought at first that she must be a dream, but then reality — or mere brute survival — took over and he began to moan and beg and plead, all of it broken, all of it coming from a deepening well of unreality. Geoffrey stood on the threshold of the housekeeper's cottage in an odd slanting posture, as if his spine had been warped out of shape by long years carrying a peddler's sack. "She slapped herself across the left cheek with her left hand, hard enough to leave an imprint. In desperation he pushed back the blankets with his hands for the first time, hoping against hope that it wasn't as bad as the shapes the blankets made seemed to suggest it was. "I'd want to know what was going to happen in Chapter 18 even if I7 ended with Misery and Ian and Geoffrey sitting in armchairs on the porch, reading newspapers. As he bent over Paul could see the slit in his brown uniform shirt where the first blow had gone home. Oh, I saw that some of the figures on the little table in the parlor had been moved around, but I thought I might have done that myself — I have times when I'm really quite forgetful. Christ, days went by and the hole in the paper was small, the light was dim, the overheard conversations witless. probably meant he was in for a really bad night, because his»pelvis had gotten pretty quiet over the last two months. But I suppose the troubles of a poor widow like me don't seem very important to a rich Mister Smart Guy like you. This went very slowly at first — individual clacks followed by spaces of silence, some as long as fifteen seconds. She gripped the handle farther up in her left hand and spread her legs like a logger. A drop of sweat trickled down from his temple and ran, stinging, into the corner of his right eye Shinebone's gloomy assessment had been that Geoffrey would almost certainly take pneumonia after lying in that ditch all night in the chilly rain, but three days had passed and there had been no onset of fever and coughing. He had done amazingly well for a man who had once found it impossible to write if he was out of cigarettes or if he had a backache or a headache a degree or two above a low drone. If your animals could talk, Annie, they would tell you who the REAL dirty birdie around here is. The phone company would have no idea that anything was wrong unless someone attempted to call her and reported the line out of service, but no one called Annie, did they? Not if you know what you're doing, because most gas-cap locks are strictly Mickey Mouse. ""Just the shift of the pages against each other will accomplish plenty of blurring over a period of weeks or ever days,»he said, "and when a manuscript is in work, it get shifted around a lot. "He hesitated, looked at the pile of typescript with the ragged stack of handwritten pages on top, then back at Annie. It wasn't until after the thumbectomy, and that bizarre birthday cake like a left-over prop from Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, that the balls of crumpled-up paper had begun to proliferate in the wastebasket again. Dr Frank Canley, the admitting physician, said that Wilkes died of multiple skull fractures and a broken neck.

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