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[Papo-hackers] Fwd:

From: Meagan Arredondo
Subject: [Papo-hackers] Fwd:
Date: Sat, 29 Apr 2006 3:29:22 -0480

Watch this company closely starting now!

De Greko, Inc. (OTC: DGKO)

March 28, 7:45 am ET)

The company is currently developing a campaign that will launch nationwide 
which will highlight the Clixme, "Click to Call" platform. In the next 45 days 
a media campaign will begin that will target not only customers for De Greko 
Communications but also show the investment community that the product is first 
rate and works efficiently. The company is currently targeting to obtain media 
coverage in:

- Fortune Magazine, a Time Inc. Co. (TWX:NYSE)
- Money Magazine, a Time Inc. Co. (TWX:NYSE)
- Wall Street Journal, a Dow Jones Co (DJ:NYSE)
- USA Today, a Division of Gannett Co. (GCI:NYSE)
- IBD (Investors Business Daily)
- Financial Times
- eBay Enterprises (EBAY:NASDAQ)
- Google (GOOG:NASDAQ)

"Following the successful launch of Clixme, we need to let everyone know about 
our product and the usages it provides to e-marketing vendors," stated Fotis 
Georgiadis, CEO of De Greko. "We are currently preparing a detailed National 
Campaign with the largest publications and portals in the country. We are quite 
confident that the American public will not only find out about the many usages 
of the Clixme platform, but eventually all the other developments De Greko have 
in mind."

"De Greko's team was inundated with requests for the new Clixme product that 
was launched yesterday on the De Greko website. "
"Our phones were ringing off the hook with people asking questions about how 
they could get the Clixme service for their own websites," said CEO Fotis 
Georgiadis. "We will be posting a pre-registration form for companies 
interested in deploying the service on their own website when we launch the 
service to businesses nationwide."

Do your research now!  You have a load of press to read before Monday.

Information within this report contains forward looking statements within the 
meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21B of the SEC 
Act of 1934. Statements that involve discussions with respect to projections of 
future events are not statements of historical fact and may be forward looking 
statements. Don't rely on them to make a decision. The Company is not a 
reporting company registered under the Exchange Act of 1934. We have received  
one million free trading shares from a third party not an officer, director or 
affiliate shareholder. We intend to sell all our shares now, which could cause 
the stock to go down, resulting in losses for you. . It is an operating company 
and producing revenues. Read the Company's Annual Report and Information 
Statement before you invest. This report shall not be construed as any kind of 
investment advice or solicitation. You can lose all your money by investing in 
this stock.

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