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[Papo-hackers] March 28 2006 new backing

From: Julie Sharp
Subject: [Papo-hackers] March 28 2006 new backing
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 02:34:12 -0000

DKDY Launches Website For EPang, And Features DKDY In Interview 

Dark Dynamite Inc.
Sym: D K D Y
Last: $0.68
Price UP
Note: Huge Market Exposure

DK DY, gets continued exposure as market investors get first look at the EPang 
Theme Park 
from the launching of their website, covering not only the park but the 
of the company and investor relations.

Check out the new website for DK DY

To add to this exposure,, one of the internets leading stock 
sites, has recently published an audio interview with Lei Ming, Chairman and 
of Dark Dynamite, Inc. This interview is available online at:

This company has been a solid investment with excellent day trades over the 
last few months. 
Take the opportunity to review the new website, and listen to the interview, 
and see why 
so many investors have chosen DK DY to add to their portfolio.

Get on DK DY in the morning and jump on board.

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