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[Papo-hackers] ROI Report

From: Moses Cummins
Subject: [Papo-hackers] ROI Report
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2006 23:59:36 -0000

Xi'an Holiday Office reports $72.2 Million in revenue during the week.

DKDY reports 8.5% increase over last year during Spring Festival Week.

Dark Dynamite Inc.

Our Review:

Well members the reports are in. E-Pang palace in the Xi'an tourism 
area, including the Emperor Qin's Terracotta Museum and DaCiEn Temple 
are reporting increases 8.5% over last year resulting in over $72 Million 
in revenue during the week.

DKDY has made us some serious money over the last few months and things 
held a steady base waiting for reports on the park success. I am sure this 
counts as more than success.

Read the reports below and pick up DKDY first thing in the morning.

The News:

DKDY Reports Increase of 8.5% on Number of Tourists During the Golden 
Week Holiday, Indicating an Improved Tourism Year

XI'AN, China, March 7 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ Dark Dynamite Inc. 
(OTC Bulletin Board: DKDY)(''DKDY'') announced today that the E-Pang 
Palace Theme Park (the ''Theme Park'') has greatly benefited from the 
booming Xi'an Spring Festival tourism market, receiving almost 10,000 
tourists during the Spring Festival period, an increase of 8.5% over 
the same period of 2005. The prosperous Spring Festival tourism market 
also indicates an improved trend of the Xi'an tourism market in 2006.

According to the latest statistics from the Xi'an Holiday Office, Xi'an 
received 1.2 million tourists during the Golden Tourism Week of the 
Spring Festival vacation from January 29 to February 4, and created a 
total revenue of RMB 585 million (equal to US$72.2 million), an increase 
of 8.9% compared with that of the previous year. The historical scenic 
spots in Xi'an were highly welcomed during the golden week. For instance, 
Emperor Qin's Terracotta Museum and DaCiEn Temple received 33,435 and 
18,163 tourists, an increase of 3.41% and 5.5% respectively over the same 
period of 2005.

The booming Spring Festival tourism market indicates an encouraging trend 
for the Xi'an tourism market in 2006. DKDY scheduled the Qin Dynasty 
Cultural Dinner Show program in September 2006, right before the Chinese 
National Day holiday, the third golden tourism week in China. With 
reference to the booming tourism market during the Golden Tourism Week of 
the Spring Festival, the management of DKDY believes the Dinner Show will 
attract many more visitors to the Theme Park.

''Spring Festival is the most important traditional holiday for the Chinese 
people. People used to stay at home, meet friends and families during the 
vacation, but in the recent years, more and more people select traveling 
with friends or families during such long vacations. The new trend indicates 
that there will be more and more Chinese people travelling during national 
vacations,'' commented by Mr. Lei Ming, Chairman and President of Dark 
Dynamite Inc., ''The booming Xi'an Spring Festival tourism market is a good 
sign for us. We just experienced an increase of 8.5% in the number of 
tourists visiting us during the Golden Tourism Week. We believe our Theme 
Park will attract more tourists in the coming Golden Tourism Weeks in May 
and October, especially the long vacation during National Day, with the 
launch of the Dinner Show.''

About Dark Dynamite Inc.

Dark Dynamite Inc. (''DKDY'') contracts and operates the Theme Park of Qin 
E-Pang Palace (''the Theme Park'') through its wholly owned subsidiary in 
China, Shannxi Kaida Tourism Co., Ltd., a professional tourism consultancy 
and management firm. The Theme Park was built up on the ruin of the historical 
Qin E-Pang Palace in year 2000, imitating the architectural style of the Qin 
E-Pang Palace, the most prestigious and largest palace built in Qin dynasty 
over 2,200 years ago. The architecture of the Theme Park principally composes 
of two parts, the E-Pang Palace and Six-state Palace, owning a total area of 
667,000 square meters and a total building area of 64,300 square meters. The 
Theme Park is not only an unparalleled scenic spot for recalling Qin dynasty 
culture for tourism in China, but also a multi-function leisure and 
entertainment center. The business divisions of the Theme Park include E-Pang 
Palace scenic spot, Six-state Palace Hot-spring escort and Film & TV base. 
Since commencing operations from 2000, the Theme Park has received 100,000 
to 200,000 tourists annually.

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