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[Papo-hackers] nuevo cimarron en cvs

From: Marcos Dione
Subject: [Papo-hackers] nuevo cimarron en cvs
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 2004 22:19:21 -0300

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    despues de meses de estacionamiento (y no es como los vinos) hay
nuevos commits en cvs. dos o tres cosas han cambiado:

* nueva logica de parenting. arregla los dramas de los notebooks (gtk
  warnings) y es mas uniforme.
* nueva API en Control.
* tenemos algunos Controller's.

    y lo nuevo:

+ debug() muestra un texto sii no corremos optimizado y algunas cossillas mas.

    me wxplique demasiado en el commit log y ahora no quiero escribir,
asi que pasteo[1]:

        + Debug: defines:
            * a list (`sections').
            * a function `debug(s)'. this one prints a debug message, stating 
              line, function/method from which it was called and message `s', 
              if the filename (without the `.py') is in `sections' and we're not
              running with optimizations (option `-O' of the python 

        ! new parenting logic. you can only use setParent(), calling it 
          or setting it in object construction, as in:

        >>> w= ui.Window (parent=app)

          the only exception to this rule (no other way, sorry), is when adding
          a page to a notebook, because you need to specify a label:

        >>> notebook.appendPage (page, label)

          this automatically sets `page's parent to `notebook'.

          *Do never* use add/removeChild() directly. setParent() will do it for

        ! new Control API.
            * you no longer can setValue(). use update(), wich will take the 
              from the model.
            * `getter' is now called `valueLoader', so set/getGetter() are now

          so the `public' API is:
            * getValue()
            * update()
            * submit()
            * reset()          [**]
            * setAction()      [*]
            * setValueLoader() [*]

          [*] can also be used a keyword arguments in object construction. see 
              parenting logic' above.
          [**] it's not clear that this will remain as part of the API in later
               releases. [1]

        ! Controllers get into Cimarron. just hold on something very tigh.
        ! these controllers are tentative yet. they're not definitive. names 
          stay but methods will surely be moved around, up and down, all over 
          town before be expulsed with a donkey hat. you've been warned.

    esta semana pasaran otras dos cosas:

* hare un release de cimarron con estos cambios.
* publicare la version extendida de la aplicacion de ejemplo.

    que le aprovechen.

[1] juro que no es del verbo pastar.

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