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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] ARDrone2 mostly working...

From: Ben Laurie
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] ARDrone2 mostly working...
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2013 21:35:09 +0100

On 20 October 2013 21:06, Freek van Tienen <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hey Ben,
> Good to hear that you got it flying now! Sorry that I didn't respond to your
> emails that quick, but I've been a bit busy lately.
> But switching to binary mode is very easy when you enable the ublox module
> inside your airframe file. So what you got to do is first set the gps
> subsystem to ublox, then add:
>  <modules main_freq="512">
>     <load name="gps_ubx_ucenter.xml"/>
>   </modules>
> to your airframe file just line in
> The it will automatically configure the GPS for you.

It doesn't work, on either of the GPSes. They stay in NMEA mode. As
previously mentioned, I couldn't figure out how to switch modes in
u-center, either, so I can't even try that.

BTW, I just looked again at the "cheap" Chinese GPS, and it looks like
they had a pricing error - it is now £48.99 (I paid £18.99). I just
retested it (statically because it was dark) and it is far more
stable, position-wise, than the German one. The German one was giving
very large position errors: sometimes 30m or more.

I'll try flying with it tomorrow, if the rain isn't too heavy.

> Greetings,
> Freek
> 2013/10/20 Ben Laurie <address@hidden>
>>, I really should've calibrated it sooner. Now that I have it no
>> longer falls out of the sky.
>> However, I'm still having trouble with GPSes.
>> The cheap Chinese one I bought (allegedly u-blox based) works
>> reasonably well, but has a very long cable which gets in the way. I
>> shall truncate the cable and try it again.
>> The much more expensive German one (also u-blox) has absolutely
>> terrible accuracy and as a result tends to fly into trees. Not sure
>> why this is.
>> Neither will switch into binary mode, at least not under control of
>> paparazzi.
>> I'll investigate further.
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