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[Paparazzi-devel] significant improvements merged to master

From: Felix Ruess
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] significant improvements merged to master
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2013 16:07:37 +0200

Hi all,

just merged three larger pull requests with significant improvements to master:

ahrs_int_cmpl_quat frequency scaling #371:
Proper scaling of corrections.
Hence this will also give you correct gains for 100Hz fixedwings, see #240.
Allow tuning of the accel and mag correction natural freqency and damping.
Tunable gravity_heuristic_factor (set to zero to turn it off and replaces the boolean AHRS_GRAVITY_UPDATE_NORM_HEURISTIC)
If you have high vibrations, reduce this factor or completely turn it off...

Baro event handling using ABI interface #525
Main benefits:
Less crappy handler functions in main.c files
Possibility to use multiple sources of sensors (integrated to the board or not)
The filters don't need to know who is sending the raw values (not completely true with the old alt_float filter yet)
The pressure are now standardized in Pascal and the standard atmosphere model is used
The INS_BARO_SENS is hence not needed anymore.
Onboard baros are automatically available in fixedwing firmware as well (use same code as rotorcraft now).
Disable onboard baro with <configure name="USE_BARO_BOARD" value="FALSE"/>
Also all baro_board implementations use the same BARO_BOARD_SENDER_ID,
since there can only be one baro_board at the same time and this provides a good default for INS_BARO_ID.
So if you want to use an onboard baro the INS_BARO_ID is already ok (also if you have additional baro modules).
To use a baro module for INS: <define name="INS_BARO_ID" value="BARO_x_SENDER_ID"/>

Some stuff to check before using: check conversion factor to convert ADC values to Pascal
(mostly older boards/baro, recent digital sensors can output pressure in Pascal already)

Rotorcraft guidance fixes/improvements #539
Now horizontal guidance returns commands in north/east earth frame and doesn't already rotate it to body frame.
This allows for better handling of them in different controllers.
New and properly working transformations from earth commands to quaternions added.
No proper fixedpoint implementation so far... no change there compared to current master though. Should still be done for efficiency at some point.
IMPORTANT: This does NOT have the feature to "add" roll/pitch setpoints via RC in nav/hover anymore.
Instead you can give velocity commands in hover mode via RC.
Includes max bank improvements proposed in #546:
Split PD and I-gain with separate max bank
- no wind: integrator (trim attitude) = 0, PD maxbank = -20 to 20 extra: total: -20 to 20
- huge wind: integrator (trim attitude) = 20, PD maxbank = -20 to 20 extra: total: 0 to 40
Put gain before integrator to get better insight in the saturation values
Reduce integration overshoots while increasing integration speed by adding the speed error as well.
- no speed error: integrate as before
- counterproductive speed error, integrate faster
If the position error is already decreasing fast, no integrator is needed or it will overshoot.

Cheers, Felix

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