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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] ardrone2_raw starts but doesn't fly

From: Freek van Tienen
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] ardrone2_raw starts but doesn't fly
Date: Tue, 8 Oct 2013 12:12:56 +0200

If you can upload the files somewhere and send the link to the mailinglist, that would be nice.

2013/10/8 Ben Laurie <address@hidden>
On 8 October 2013 09:59, Freek van Tienen <address@hidden> wrote:
> 2013/10/7 Ben Laurie <address@hidden>
>> On 7 October 2013 10:23, Christophe De Wagter <address@hidden> wrote:
>> > You "bricked" your flight-recorder?
>> Well, maybe - but I didn't actually do anything to it between working
>> and not-working. :-)
>> Does the ardrone reset it, do you think?
> Yes the ardrone original software does reset and also configure it.
>> > If you can not manually configure the "ublox6***" in ucenter, then the
>> > AP
>> > module will not be able to do it either.
>> It wasn't clear to me how to manually configure it to do UBX in
>> ucenter, tho the fact other functions didn't work made me suspect I
>> wasn't going to be able to even if I knew how - do you know how?
>> > In some cases, the baudrate of usb devices is not important but in many
>> > cases it still is. (e.g. usb->serial converters like the prolific chip
>> > in
>> > the flightrecorder)
>> Ah, sure.
>> > Even if the position fix is way to slow, there is no reason to fall out
>> > of
>> > the sky. It might be unstable and constantly move left/right but if it
>> > falls
>> > out of the sky you probably should reduce the max-bank angle to start
>> > with.
>> I'll give that a try. What setting(s) would I change to make it
>> generally fly less aggressively?
> MAX_BANK inside the GUIDANCE_H of your airframe file. Start with that.
>> > And if after take-off it moves laterally instantly, then make sure your
>> > accelerometer neutrals are calibrated correctly.
>> It doesn't - it hovers for a short while, then heads off. But I guess
>> I should calibrate everything, too!
>> Oh, I forgot to mention another issue - because the ardrone upload
>> includes the kernel driver for u-blox, you have to plug in the GPS
>> _after_ the upload, or it isn't recognised.
> Yes that's right, we haven't fixed that yet because we use a ttyUSB cable
> instead of direct ttyACM which is available at some uBlox GPS'.
> BTW. Do you have the logs of the flight? Because I'm really curious about
> what happened.

Sure. Shall I email them to you? To the list? I should learn how to
look at logs!

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