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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] LISA/M Version Compatibility

From: Luke Ionno
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] LISA/M Version Compatibility
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 17:50:02 -0400

Sorry to revive a half-year-old thread, but I finally got around to working
on my Lisa/M 1.0, and I have a couple questions:

I've removed the pull-up resistors, and I've got a jumper going to UART1_TX;
currently I have it hooked up to USB_VBUS, but just after the USB_Detect
voltage divider (i.e. 3V, when USB is connected).  Will this work?  I
couldn't find any specific indication that the port is 5V tolerant, and I
figured I should ask before I fry something!

Also, in the bootloader instructions
oader) , there's mention of a serial number.  Is this just for personal
reference, or is there actually a hardware ID that is assigned to each unit?



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You will need to at least remove the pull-up resistors on USB_DP and USB_DM
(R28 and R27) and connect UART1_TX to 3v3 or even better to USB_VBUS to be
able to use USB. You can also remove R14 and Q2 if you want.

This means for Lisa/M 1.0 that you can only use GPS RX while using USB. That
was fixed in Lisa/M 2.0 where the use of UART1 got swapped with UART3.

I hope this helps.

Cheers Piotr

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On May 4, 2012, at 3:58 AM, Felix Ruess wrote:

> Hi Luke,
> yes, you can of course still use Lisa/M 1.0.
> I think that if you want to use luftboot (the usb bootloader) instead 
> of flashing via JTAG you will have to make some minor modifications on 
> the usb connector circuit.
> Esden, can you clear this up (and document it on the wiki)?
> Apart from the fact that you have 8 servo connectors now, the actual 
> core functionality didn't change significantly.
> y
> So if you already have a Lisa/M 1.0 (and you can fix the usb circuit
> yourself) there is no real need to ditch it.
> Cheers, Felix
> On Fri, May 4, 2012 at 3:04 AM, Luke Ionno <address@hidden> wrote:
>> I have a question about the different LISA versions.  I've got a V1.0 
>> board that I bought some time ago, and never got around to playing 
>> with, and I was wondering if (a) it is still compatible with the 
>> current software release, and (b) if there are any hardware 
>> modifications that can/should/must be implemented?  (I'm comfortable 
>> with SMT soldering, etc.)  More importantly, would it be worth the 
>> effort, or have the V2.0 modifications significantly improved 
>> functionality and usability, as a general-purpose [fixed-wing] Paparazzi
>> Thanks!
>> -Luke
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