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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Camera Target Coordinates

From: Luke Ionno
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Camera Target Coordinates
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 00:51:05 -0400

Felix, et al,


I’m flying fixed-wing, using the cam_point.xml module.  I’ve been using the target-WP camera mode extensively, and it works very well, but the manual/stabilized + lock-on-target doesn’t seem to affect the target X/Y message (though it does make my designated “lock-on” waypoint move around), and the GCS cam footprint seem to be unrelated to the actual field of view, even when the camera is correctly tracking the target WP.  I’ll have to take a closer look.  I am using the cam.xml settings, so I do have control over the mode selection, angles, etc. 


Also, Chris, what is the stick-to-gimbal mapping of the stabilized mode?  Maybe something’s wrong with my setup, but in stabilized mode, I can’t seem to aim the gimbal at all..?  (It moves alright, but it doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason.)   Does the stick map into the world coordinate system, or the aircraft coordinate system?  (i.e. am I ‘driving’ the target waypoint from a north-is-up/top-down standpoint, or am I actually aiming the gimbal, just like manual/RC mode, only with pitch/roll stabilization?)







From: address@hidden [mailto:address@hidden On Behalf Of Felix Ruess
Sent: Friday, March 30, 2012 10:13 AM
To: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Camera Target Coordinates


Hi Gautier, hi Luke,


with the cam_point module you don't have SHOW_CAM_COORDINATES defined...

But as Gautier said it doesn't even seem to be necessary (for fixedwings): with the standard cam_point module (and the CAM message) you get camera orientation and target xy. Lat/long is calculating from that on the ground and you can enable the cam footprint in the GCS.

The difference of using SHOW_CAM_COORDINATES and the CAM_POINT message is that you already get the coordinates in lat/lon via telemetry, but apparently can't show the cam footprint in the gcs...

Maybe Chris can give us a rationale why he needed that?


@Gautier, it seems the CAM message is only read for fixedwings... it also only handes cameras that can move in roll/pich axes, but not ones that can move around yaw (look left/right).

The cam_aperture (also aspect ratio) is hardcoded in this should really be settable via option.


@Luke, are you using this on fw or rotorcraft firmware?

Cheers, Felix

On Fri, Mar 30, 2012 at 3:00 PM, Gautier Hattenberger <address@hidden> wrote:


Actually, loading the module cam_point should be enough to activate the control of the camera and the CAM message (at least before the latest improvements to the cam driver). With the settings cam.xml, you can also select which waypoint to use as a target (in mode cam target). The CAM message should contain the cam angles (pan, tilt) and the coordinates of the target. This message is relayed by the server to the GCS. In the menu of the GCS, click on your aircraft name and active the cam footprint. This display is not perfect, in particular the aperture is probably hard coded somewhere. But it shows the point where the camera is pointing, the footprint of the camera on the ground (flat earth), and the target point of the mission.


Le 28/03/2012 18:58, Felix Ruess a écrit :

Hi Luke,


the downlink of the coordinates of where the cam is looking at was added by Chris Efstathiou. So I'm hoping he can provide some details here...

By skimming over the code it looks like you need to have SHOW_CAM_COORDINATES defined and add the CAM_POINT message to your telemetry file.

But sadly I don't know of any feature to directly show that point in the GCS...


The whole camera control (pan, tilt, directions, coordinates you are looking at, etc..) could use some serious love in terms of refactoring and documentation on the wiki.

Would be great if you (or anyone for that matter) could work on this (hopefully together with Chris)..

While I haven't used that, it seems to me that camera control and display it is also lacking some features (and proper documentation of course!), like definition of the field of view to display in the GCS, showing of the coordinates (assuming a flat ground surface) and direction the camera is looking. What is already there is probably of limited use if it is not properly shown in the GCS or documented how to make it available to other tools...


Cheers, Felix


On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 1:52 AM, Luke Ionno <address@hidden> wrote:

Hello all,

I've gotten the camera gimbal/stabilization module working almost perfectly,
except for one thing: I can't figure out how to downlink the camera target
coordinates...  I've been through the code, and see where they are
calculated, and have the various "define" statements in place in the
airframe configuration.  Based on my understanding of the code, when a
target it 'locked', the coordinates are written to a user-defined waypoint,
correct?  If so, is there a way to display those coordinates as a widget, or
do I just have to pull up the 'move waypoint' dialog, and pick them up from
there?  I do have the X/Y location of the camera waypoint in the telemetry,
but these don't seem  to be affected by the 'lock' command, and a proper
lat./long. output would be more useful in my particular application.



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