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[Paparazzi-devel] Changed roll sign in 4.0_beta.

From: Helge Walle
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Changed roll sign in 4.0_beta.
Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2012 21:58:43 +0100


My Funjet is set up in the Master branch with correct elevon response in Manual and Auto1. I use imu type="ppzuav" and "float_dcm".
I have not flown it yet, but assume that the elevons will work correctly in Auto2 as long as they deflect and stabilise correctly in Auto1.

I switched to 4.0_beta and inverted the the ROLL channel in my radio file. I now have positive PPRZ values in the RC message with the aileron stick pulled right, elevator stick pulled up (UP elevator), and rudder stick pulled right.

By now the elevon response was no longer correct.

I then changed:
<set command="ROLL"         value="@ROLL"/>
<set command="ROLL"         value="address@hidden"/>
in the <rc_commands> section.

Now all seems to work ok.

My command laws are just a copy of the laws in funjet_example.xml.

Does this sound sensible? Any feedback would be welcome.


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