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Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Shop options for telemetry and GPS

From: Tilman Baumann
Subject: Re: [Paparazzi-devel] Shop options for telemetry and GPS
Date: Fri, 02 Mar 2012 09:53:58 +0000
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Farnelll had XBeePro 2.4 radios
Sparkfun had XBee adapter boards and GS407 Helical GPS Receiver (backorder)
diydrones had the uBlox Adapter
And Hobbyking has the plane.

And all that still has to go through customs...
It's a total mess. But that is the best option I could find.
If I had not chosen the helical ublox GPS I could have gotten the rest in EU, especially the XBee adapter boards.

On 28/02/12 18:45, Tilman Baumann wrote:
What is currently the most convenient place to buy GPS modules and telemetry modules from one source in Europe (UK)?

I came up with this shopping list at diydrones.

What I like there is that I can get it all from one source. And everything has nice breakout boards. But especially the xbee modules have been unavailable for a long time now and I have the hassle of importing it from US.

Is Digi even the best option these days, considering their recent factory breakdown with the flood?

Everybody seems to go for the 2.4Ghz Xbee. What are other popular (affordable) options? (legal in UK) On paper the 868 Mhz option seems irresistible. Is the information on the Wiki still correct that it is practically impossible to adhere to the min duty cycle requirements in a predictable way?
2.4 Ghz seems the savest option.

Sorry for bothering you all with my thoughts. I will be able to find all the bits, scattered over several shops. But it would be so great if I could just find one place for all.


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