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[Paparazzi-devel] Re-Paparazzi-devel(Bharath SM)

From: Bharath Sm
Subject: [Paparazzi-devel] Re-Paparazzi-devel(Bharath SM)
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 17:34:16 +0700

Hi Sir,


Dear Bharath

The led coming on indicates that the code loaded into the board is running
and depending on the airframe file that was loaded, may light an led on GPS
lock. On the one hand it does indicate that the board is
not completely dead. However, it does not indicate as to why you are not
able to program the board.

Not able to program may be due to several reasons as below.

a) you need to first connect the USB and then power the board, only then
will it enter program mode

b) the cables either at the molex end or the laptop end may be faulty and
not making the connections as a result the autopilot board may not be
entering program mode

c) Does the laptop recognize the device?/or if you put a removable drive
does it show up. Was this the same laptop with the same software both OS
and papaprazzi running while the board was working

d) Have you set your environment variables correctly and also added
yourself into the plugdev group as this is required for flashing the board?

e)was there any mishap/crash etc both physical and electrical that could
have damaged the hardware on board?

f) what voltage are you providing as input to the board? should be atleast

These could be some of the reasons I could of think let us know
if you find any

Best Regards


a) Actually i used to power on the board first and then, was connecting the board to the pc. I was following the same procedure at first also.

b) Yes the cables are fine and good i checked them.

c) Yes the laptop or pc recognizes the removable devices and i am using the same now.

d) Yes i have added myself into plugdev.

e) no.

f) Yes the battery is of >7.2 and of high current rating.

i have not tried the way u have suggested in your first point i will try out and let u know sir . will get back to u within two or three days. If there is any other possibilities please post it. Thank you for your response sir.


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