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[paparazzi-commits] [paparazzi/paparazzi] 0391b4: [nps][bebop] update ga

From: Kirk Scheper
Subject: [paparazzi-commits] [paparazzi/paparazzi] 0391b4: [nps][bebop] update gazebo sim camera (#2383)
Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2019 01:39:54 -0700

  Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: 0391b4df265c17ce6e7e2f521d963c7b46011f41
  Author: Kirk Scheper <address@hidden>
  Date:   2019-06-17 (Mon, 17 Jun 2019)

  Changed paths:
    M conf/airframes/tudelft/bebop_course2018_orangeavoid.xml
    M conf/modules/bebop_cam.xml
    M conf/simulator/gazebo/airframes/bebop.xml
    M conf/simulator/gazebo/models/bebop/bebop.sdf
    M conf/simulator/gazebo/models/bebop2/bebop2.sdf
    M conf/simulator/gazebo/models/bebop2_with_slamdunk/bebop2_with_slamdunk.sdf
    M conf/userconf/tudelft/conf.xml
    M conf/userconf/tudelft/course2018_conf.xml
    M sw/airborne/boards/bebop.h
    M sw/airborne/boards/bebop/isp/libisp_config.h
    M sw/airborne/boards/bebop/mt9f002.c
    M sw/airborne/boards/bebop/mt9f002.h
    A sw/airborne/boards/bebop/mt9f002_nps.c
    M sw/airborne/boards/bebop/mt9v117.c
    M sw/airborne/boards/bebop/mt9v117.h
    A sw/airborne/boards/bebop/mt9v117_nps.c
    M sw/airborne/boards/bebop/mt9v117_regs.h
    M sw/airborne/modules/computer_vision/lib/vision/image.c
    M sw/airborne/modules/computer_vision/lib/vision/image.h
    M sw/airborne/modules/computer_vision/lib/vision/lucas_kanade.c
    M sw/airborne/modules/computer_vision/opticflow/opticflow_calculator.c
    M sw/airborne/modules/computer_vision/opticflow/opticflow_calculator.h
    M sw/airborne/modules/computer_vision/opticflow/size_divergence.c
    M sw/airborne/modules/computer_vision/opticflow_module.c
    M sw/airborne/modules/computer_vision/video_thread_nps.c
    M sw/simulator/nps/nps_fdm_gazebo.cpp

  Log Message:
  [nps][bebop] update gazebo sim camera (#2383)

This pull request updates the Bebop camera simulation in order to work with the 
new defines and settings from #2364. It also includes a number of small fixes 
by @kirkscheper .

The new setup renders the entire camera sensor, which allows the crop and zoom 
settings to be changed at runtime just as on the real drone. The resolution of 
the simulated sensor can be reduced for better runtime performance.


* update gazebo sim camera

* WIP Revert Bebop SDF cam hfov to 3.0, TODO update to full sensor size

* WIP mt9f002.c remove OUTPUT_SCALER comment

* WIP FIX image.c casting problem

vectors.pos is now cast to float to prevent unwanted implicit
casting to uint. I did not change the point_t types as I
do not have time to test this, but this would be a good idea for a later
pull request.

* WIP lucas_kanade.c comment keep_bad_points

* WIP opticflow_module.c replace memcpy with assignment for readability

* WIP nps_fdm_gazebo fix mt9f117 check for bottom_cam instead of front_cam

* WIP nps_fdm_gazebo do not set env_texture_size

The current size (2048) is probably large enough for all
realistic ZOOM settings.

* WIP ERROR nps_fdm_gazebo fix camera, corrupt image in gazebo :/

* WIP ERROR zoom is not tuneable at runtime :/

* WIP fixed sensor resolution in gazebo

Since the zoom should be adjustable at runtime, the zoom factor
will need to be implemented in the image sampling routine,
it cannot be set beforehand in the bebop model.

* WIP include mt9f002.c and mt9v117.c in NPS

Added simple wrapper files to prevent overwriting the video_thread_nps.c ones.

* WIP enable runtime zoom and offset changes for mt9f002 in NPS!

Zoom and offset settings can now be adjusted at runtime just like
on the real drone. The mt9f002.c code handles the bounds checking

* WIP take out string comparison in read_image

* WIP ignore GCC errors that do not appear in compilation for ARM

Might be better to actually fix these errors, but I am not familiar
with that part of the code.

* WIP remove todo file

* FIX ardrone2_gazebo build error

linking error was caused by undefined reference to mt9f002 struct
(which is not used in the ardrone). Removing the NPS MT9F002 define
means that this struct is always linked, even though it may not be
used. To fix, I added an empty `__attribute__((weak))` struct that
prevents these linking errors, but could cause unexpected behavior
when a Bebop model or other model with mt9f002 camera is used
without the bebop_cam module.

* FIX naming conflict after merge

* FIX Allow arbitrary simulated sensor sizes for runtime improvement

The FDM can now handle arbitrary sizes for the camera sensor.
This allows the sensor size to be reduced from the real-world
4608x3288 to a lower resolution to reduce rendering times, at
the cost of lower-resolution images.

The downscaling of the sensor is controlled using the

* Update Bebop 2 gazebo models for new front- and bottom cam code

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