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[Pan-users] [ANNOUNCE] Pan release 0.152

From: Dominique Dumont
Subject: [Pan-users] [ANNOUNCE] Pan release 0.152
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2022 17:56:17 +0100


I happy to announce the release of Pan 0.152 codename "Mariupol"

Pan is a powerful and user-friendly Usenet newsreader for GTK+.

  The main points of this release are:
  - Gtk2 is removed from Pan. Only Gtk3 is working.
  - Links to old are replaced with links to
    pan gitlab page.
  - Pan can be compiled with clang

  Many thanks to Thomas Tanner for the code cleanup work done on this

You can get Pan 0.152 release tarball on Gnome's gitlab:


The detailed release log is there:


All the best


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