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Re: [Pan-users] article-cache v 0.139

From: poub281104-pan
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] article-cache v 0.139
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2012 19:01:36 +0100 (BST)

> Have you checked the existence and permissions on that
> path?  How much 
> free space do you have on that partition, and if your
> installation is 
> running user quotas, how close to quota is the user you run
> pan as?
> It sounds to me like pan's downloading the information but
> can't save it, 
> presumably due to wrong permissions or a full
> partition.  It would keep 
> some information in memory, probably enough to display text
> messages altho 
> I'm not positive of that, but not being able to save
> anything to disk 
> would explain both why it can't find the files when it tries
> to decode 
> binary attachments, AND why it isn't keeping the headers
> around, since it 
> only has the information it's able to keep in memory to work
> with -- it 
> can't save anything.

Thank you for your interestings answers and comments.

I run Xubunty 12.04 X64. Interesting post Duncan. No quota and full of space on 
my hard drive, > 50 GB.
1)   About the hidden .pan 2 permissions directory, there is an error. It says 
"the rights of this folder are contradictory, you will not be able to work with 
files inside this folder". It proposes to automatically correct the rights of 
this folder and to put them in a coherent way. I am not sure this is a good 
idea. I do not know how to allow the permissions, <user> read/write etc... 
Remember I right click to see the properties.
2) I have made a test with this binaries group "alt.binaries.punk" with usenet 
server It shows the header but 0 byte for every file 
so it can't download.
 I made another test with another usenet server and now 
everything is fine because it shows the number of bytes and remembers what was 
saved. Both of these servers have a free trial.
3) In any case Pan 0.139 is able to download binaries from nzb files, even if 
the size of the parts are not saved (zero byte).

So what can I deduce ? Some usenet providers are faulty (2) or problems with 
permissions (1) or both ?

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