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Re: [Pan-users] pan on windows 7

From: Travis
Subject: Re: [Pan-users] pan on windows 7
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 13:22:43 -0700

-----Original Message----- From: Koos Jan Niesink
Sent: Sunday, August 19, 2012 8:30 AM
To: address@hidden
Subject: [Pan-users] pan on windows 7

Hello list,

I downloaded the latest windows binary from Steve Davies' site
( Installation on windows 7 starter went fine, the same goes for the configuration. However when I started to download headers from the newsgroups there is some unexpected behaviour. I can e.g. download the latest 300 headers. When I close the application or click on
an other newsgroup some or all headers are lost from the 1st newsgroup.
Have anyone else noticed this issue?

thanks in advance,
K.J. Niesink

I use Pan on my Windows 7 machine.

Go to : View, Edit Preferences and make sure that under Behavior, Groups that "Mark entire group read when leaving group" is not checked and that "Mark entire group read before getting new headers" is not checked.

That should do it.


Travis in Shoreline Washington

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