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Re: [Pan-devel] Is Pan still actively being developed?

From: Jack
Subject: Re: [Pan-devel] Is Pan still actively being developed?
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2021 15:13:32 -0400
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On 4/30/21 1:32 PM, Eric Ortega via Pan-devel wrote:
It looks like there is some Pan activity here:

I found it from here:

@Rhialto appears to be approving merges.
I had actually not looked at the activity page, but that single merge approval I see was for his own MR, and it has not actually been committed to the repository.  If @Rhialto does have write access, I hope he actually triggers the commit.  If not, it doesn't change the situation any.

(Resending from my subscribed account.  Appologies if it shows up twice.)

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