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[Pan-devel] ANN: 0.140 "Chocolate Salty Balls"

From: Petr Kovar
Subject: [Pan-devel] ANN: 0.140 "Chocolate Salty Balls"
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2016 23:59:08 +0100

March 24, 2016 - New Release:
Pan 0.140 "Chocolate Salty Balls"

What is Pan?

Pan is a newsreader which attempts to be pleasing to both new and
experienced users. In addition to the standard newsreader features, Pan
also supports yEnc, offline newsreading, article filtering, multiple
connections, and more.

It's also the only Unix newsreader to get a perfect score on the Good
Net-Keeping Seal of Approval evaluations.

About 0.140

After almost four years of hiatus, here comes a new release of Pan,
packed with bug fixes and feature enhancements that have piled up since the
last release. We're not quite there yet to make it a 1.0 release but it's
really close now.

Don't forget to check the README file before upgrading.

Changes since 0.139

  dfd5c32 Fix a memory leak found by valgrind (Olaf Seibert)
  9ca587f Avoid clearing a timer event source id which is by now invalid
          (Olaf Seibert)
  4c08134 Fix a memory leak found by valgrind (Olaf Seibert)
  7f2678d Fix a memory leak found by valgrind (Olaf Seibert)
  3c07a42 Fix a memory leak found by valgrind (Olaf Seibert)
  d702d1b Fix a memory leak found by valgrind (Olaf Seibert)
  83cd963 Fix a memory leak found by valgrind (Olaf Seibert)
  833ccc6 Fix a memory leak found by valgrind (Olaf Seibert)
  35ecd62 Fix typo in header guard (Olaf Seibert)
  bbf5f29 Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) (Olaf
  08d678e Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) (Olaf
  cb9c937 Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s) (Olaf
  44ffc85 Fix build with libc++ (Petr Kovar)
  d62efbf Do not distribute outdated pan.iss (Petr Kovar)
  c3679d1 Move ChangeLog -> NEWS & update docs (Petr Kovar)
  f9e0a50 Replace RulesInfo.deque<RulesInfo> with deque<RulesInfo *>
          (Olaf Seibert)
  4323223 Fix missing recursion (this is a pre-existing bug) (Olaf Seibert)
  0b399ec Changed a deque<FilterInfo> into a deque<FilterInfo *> (Olaf
  2024f05 Deleted object is touched again (Olaf Seibert)
  9b31c87 Remove leftover code (Petr Kovar)
  80566c8 Do not include https:// in GIT_REMOTE (Petr Kovar)
  f55cebc Rules Enabled preference flag wasn't loaded (Andrew Nile)
  b74bcc9 Prevent EOF char from stopping binary upload in Win (Andrew Nile)
  73863fc Missing break (Andrew Nile)
  81ec291 Update license.h (Petr Kovar)
  5186a2a Do not include protocol & user name in GIT_REMOTE (Petr Kovar)
  4228421 Fix accel key 'R' (used twice) (Detlef Graef)
  9471b22 fix: close posting window (Detlef Graef)
  46f97aa Unneeded detour via C-type strings (Olaf Seibert)
  6b1b345 Fix saving of SSL certificate (Detlef Graef)
  055fe95 Fix Edit SSL Certificates crash (walt)
  a52b404 Fix localedir (Petr Kovar)
  94d5b7c Update FSF address (Petr Kovar)
  3663720 Fix crash at PanTreeStore::get_iter() (Detlef Graef)
  2ce62c7 Update desktop file (Petr Kovar)
  0806805 Add appdata support for Pan (Petr Kovar)
  34e1bb5 file::get_pan_home() : fix for g++-5 non-CoW std::string semantics
          (Alexandre Rostovtsev)
  c186c9f Rename -> (Petr Kovar)
  af87825 When "Show Matching Articles' Threads", messages with dangling
          References not shown (Lionel Elie Mamane)
  81929d0 Fixes in, task-upload.h, uuencode.c (Andrew Nile)
  2ae6aff Applied refresh patch for body-pane (Heinrich Müller)
  8bd7184 Fixes in pan/gui/ (Andrew Nile)
  0a57a01 Various UI fixes (Heinrich Müller)
  7ca9c6c Updated FSF's address (Daniel Mustieles)
  4820c84 Remove outdated (Petr Kovar)
  6daf184 Fix XZVER, append \r\n (Heinrich Müller)
  b1af29b Fix for ISO C++ and struct deque (Heinrich Müller)
  6200d57 Fix XFEATURE for XOVER task (Heinrich Müller)
  8325c88 Fix XFEATURE for groups task (Heinrich Müller)
  29edfc3 Added aSYNC behavior; disabled treeview on search (Heinrich
  b00f96e Added support for GtkSpell 3 (Yclept Nemo)
  099bd57 next-unread-group etc. broken (Heinrich Müller, #690789)
  42b9292 Improve verbose output in non-GUI mode (Heinrich Müller)
  c251367 Segmentation fault when using external editor to compose newsgroup
          postings (Heinrich Müller)
  db8adcf Let the user deactivate task pane pop-ups from task pane (Heinrich
  f509257 Posting - Error 441 is not a successful post (Heinrich Müller,
  f6c7a64 Use zlib CRC32 for; fix non-GUI header XOVER
          (Heinrich Müller)
  cb7b50a Use zlib CRC32 (Heinrich Müller)
  5133e23 Improve speed of uudecode (Heinrich Müller)
  5eef4fc Fix IP lockout on ISP IP change; fix SIGSEGV in socket impl
          (Heinrich Müller)
  4922045 Fixes for XFEATURE; patch for 'match only read' (Heinrich Müller,
          Cal Peake)
  acb4362 Avoid NPE on early init of server edit dialog; fix XFEATURE
          (Heinrich Müller)
  2d053c4 Let the user choose compression type with combobox; hint which
          server supports which compression scheme (Heinrich Müller)
  88fe336 Activate action 'get-new-headers-when-entering-group' only for
          non-virtual groups (Heinrich Müller)
  9e301fb Fix for line-wrapped x-face header (Heinrich Müller)
  3f81af1 Properly escape < and > chars in subject (Heinrich Müller)
  d454a36 Fix for group enter (Heinrich Müller)
  e2ca6d2 Fix NPE (Heinrich Müller)
  4f681cd Added support for Diablo and XFEATURE (Heinrich Müller)
  00fe4a3 Added XZVER functionality (Heinrich Müller)
  6a8de8b Patch for user agent in the GUI (Miroslav Sabljic)
  dcc2556 Refactoring; added virtual folders for sent and drafts (Heinrich
  f7ba647 Make <cert> filename.pem become related to the current $PAN_HOME
          dir (Heinrich Müller, #680295)
  a823ae8 Patch for NetBSD & iconv (Heinrich Müller)
  4ad8971 Fix segfault in (Heinrich Müller)
  c860200 Disconnect only if set in prefs (Heinrich Müller)
  9cd77f9 Added HTML parser (Heinrich Müller)
  6a2a9df HTML preview (Heinrich Müller)
  52ccea5 Fix for systray behavior (Heinrich Müller)
  884e4c1 Removed dbg output (Heinrich Müller)
  9faef90 Improved gtkstyle handling for progressview (Heinrich Müller)
  29120fa Change show sig icon (Heinrich Müller)
  8b934ce Adapt to any screen size in prefs-ui, show scrollbars if needed
          (Heinrich Müller)
  cf68577 "Complete" the Colors tab; pan 0.136 fails to build on 64-bit OS X
          (Heinrich Müller, #681037, #673813)
  07e4614 Fix NPE in action_combo (Steve Davies)
  4162e82 Shortcuts tab is always drawn first (Heinrich Müller, #681036)
  1dba05f Update desktop file (Heinrich Müller, #680468)
  a3bbefc Add an option to turn-off 'tool-tips' on the Task Manager panel
          (Heinrich Müller, #680298)
  b5aeade Added save option for inline yEnc images (Heinrich Müller)
  87c6bda Fixed singletons, moved color init to (Heinrich Müller)
  56d4463 Add Background and foreground text color selection; GTK+ 3
          compiler cleanup; cleanups in various files (Heinrich Müller,
  f21f939 Fixed behavior of mark_read in taskarticle according to
          action-implied post-action or simple GUI interaction (Heinrich
  03d24a9 Fix for

          (Heinrich Müller)
  014d082 Fixed a memory leak with new regex (Heinrich Müller)
  29da552 Filtering within task list (Heinrich Müller, #679274) 
  55733b8 Fixed memory leak in shortcut dialog (Heinrich Müller)
  c249f58 Fix for display of shortcut literals (Heinrich Müller)
  395f288 Added info about gkr to README (Heinrich Müller)
* Contributors to this release:
  Heinrich Müller, Petr Kovar, Olaf Seibert, Detlef Graef, Andrew Nile,
  walt, Daniel Mustieles, Alexandre Rostovtsev, Steve Davies, Miroslav
  Sabljic, Cal Peake, Yclept Nemo, Lionel Elie Mamane
* Updated translations:
  bs        (Samir Ribic)
  ca        (Jordi Mas, Gil Forcada)
  cs        (Petr Kovar, Marek Černocký)
  de        (Mario Blättermann, Heinrich Müller, Christian Kirbach)
  el        (Maria Mavridou, Dimitris Spingos)
  es        (Daniel Mustieles)
  fi        (Lasse Liehu)
  fr        (Bruno Brouard)
  hu        (Balázs Úr)
  ja        (Jiro Matsuzawa)
  pt        (Pedro Albuquerque, Duarte Loreto)
  pt_BR     (Rafael Ferreira, Rafael Fontenelle, Júnior Pires)
  sl        (Matej Urbančič, Martin Srebotnjak)
  sr        (Мирослав Николић)
  address@hidden  (Мирослав Николић)
  sv        (Anders Jonsson)
  tr        (Necdet Yücel, Muhammet Kara)

Petr Kovar

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